Jun 7, 2013

I love you because ______.

I love my husband. He’s the bees knees, the bomb.com, the spaghetti to my meatballs, the …. ok you get my point. He’s amazeballs and I try to tell him everyday. Although we both totally mean it every time we say it, we’ve started auto-piloting the “I love you”, as we say it at the end of every call and every time we part.

So this year for our wedding anniversary, I decided to give us a quick way to go beyond the casual “I love you, bye” and tell each other why. Since Amazon Wishlist has also gotten us in a bit of a gift rut (i.e. we just get each other what we ask for), I thought this would be a fun surprise.

And to top it off, it was perhaps the easiest “craft” I’ve ever done. I typed some words in Photoshop, printed them off, and framed them. #easypeasy

I love you because frame

I debated where to hang this but landed on the bottom of our stairs, as we pass this everyday. I’ve gotta admit that I check it often to see if Jer erased mine to write something (hint, hint, Jer!). I also sat a dry erase marker on top of the frame so we could quickly update (hint, hint, Jer!)


DownloadSo to spread the love (literally!) here is the template I used. Just getcha an 8×8 frame (I love this gray one from Target), and then just frame & hang that bad boy. This also makes a great gift for friends and family. I made my mom one for Christmas and she loved it! My sister and I take turns writing on it every time we visit.


I love you because



Jun 2, 2013

Working Mom Cleaning & Chore Schedule

It’s probably not something I should admit out loud or to everyone that follows or stumbles upon this blog but I’m going to anyway. My house is founkey. Yes, that’s my way of saying it’s super funky. I’m talking dirty, dusty, sticky, smelly, stinky. I know in my previous post I talk about embracing your dirty floors and dusty shelves for that oh so precious time with your little ones, but I may have taken that a bit far recently. I mean when your husband (who I believe washed his sheets yearly in college = supa founkey), starts to comment on the cleanliness of your abode…. that might be a sign that it’s time to scrub this joint down.

Jen over at iheartorganizing also got me jazzed up to do some cleanin’ with her May Mini Challenge. I absolutely adore her homemade cleaners and tips for organizing it all – featured below:

Source: iheartorganizing.com

As much as I would love the time to make my own cleaners and keep this place spotless – my life reminds me that it just aint gonna happen. In fact, the lack of time from working full-time + the joy I’m having using my spare time to play with my sweet baby boy is what got this place in it’s current state of founkeyness (if you haven’t already, say it out loud, it’s fun!). So I decided to take some of Jen’s cleaning tips and apply them where possible, with the hope that it will save me time down the road because let’s be honest, there are about a million and two things I’d rather be doing than scrubbing you know what off you know where.

First things first, I had to get my cleaning supplies hoarding under control. With three sinks in this house, it seemed easier to just get three of each cleaner and distribute evenly, however when you run out of one and forget to restock, you’re forced to run back and forth, thus adding more time to an already sucky chore. So to nip this in the bud, I began by taking stock of what I had:

Cleaning Products

And then I pared it down to one of each of everything that I really needed for this traveling caddy. I keep kitchen cleaners and such under the kitchen sink, so this caddy is more for cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas.

Cleaning Caddy

Here’s what’s in my handy-dandy caddy:

  • – Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner + Microfiber cloth: I mostly just use for dusting furniture
  • – Windex + Paper towels: Mirrors and granite countertops for a little sparkle
  • – Lysol wipes: Countertops, faucets, toilet seats
  • Lysol Power & Free Bathroom Cleaner: Toilets, tubs and sinks. I LOVE this stuff. Lysol claims it has more cleaning power than bleach without the harshness and I believe it. It smells wonderful too. I debated using it to get this horrible spray tan off me but the warning label made me think twice.
  • – Lysol Disinfectant Spray: I hose the house down with this stuff often. From door knobs to sofas, this stuffs kills the germs and freshens the room. In linking to the site, I saw they have a new scent for Baby’s Room. Anyone tried this? Does it smell better than the original?
  • – Scrubbing Bubbles: Does wonders for my glass shower door.
  • – Sponges and scrubbers

So with my caddy all ready to get down and dirty, Jer and I spent Saturday cleaning the snot out of this house and it literally took hours. It really got me thinking – how can I do little bitty chores (I’m talking less than 10-20 minutes) throughout the week so that I don’t have to spend my precious weekends cleaning all day? So I created {drum roll please}… a Working Mama Cleaning Schedule:

Download Customizable Cleaning Schedule Here

Daily and Weekly Chores

As much as I’d love to have a spotless house everyday, that’s simply not possible with my life, but I think this schedule is totally doable. There are the basics that just have to get done everyday like making beds and cleaning up after dinner but then there are the larger chores like cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming floors that will get done throughout the week. Since everyone’s schedules are different I included a link above to download the word doc version of this schedule and make it your own.

Got any working mama tips for keeping a clean house?! Would love to hear em’!



Apr 5, 2013

Peace Out Perfection

I had a bit of an epiphany last week, as Jer, Dylan and I were recovering from the bubonic plague (on the forreals, I’m pretty sure we had the norovirus…) and a horrible cold. This 2 week sickness got my “balance” all out of wack. You know what I’m talking about, right? That balance you feel when you’re giving work, home, the fam, friends, etc. just the right amount of yourself to keep everything and everyone chugging along and happy. Then when one gets way off it just all comes crashing down, leaving 6 piles of laundry, 100+ unread emails, no food in the house, and you taking your kid to daycare dressed for “wacky day” when it.isn’t.dress.wacky.day.yet. True story.

Ok, back to my epiphany. So as I started getting my life and house back in order, I realized that I’m just way too frumpy and unhappy when things aren’t “perfect”. I seem to not be able to relax at home these days unless everything is clean and in it’s place… which yes, means I never really relax, which yes, is extremely exhausting. So I’ve decided enough with that. I’m done. I’m throwing in the towel on perfection, because it’s just not obtainable and is something if I start chasing, I’ll always chase.

I absolutely still recommend putting in the hard work of getting yourself, your life and your home organized, because it will instantly make you feel lighter and happier but I guess what I’m saying here is let’s let go of pursing “spotless” and make a little room for the dust bunnies, dirty windows, frozen pizzas and blog typos. When we’re old women, will we remember our spotless homes or will we remember the times we spent tickling bellies to extract that oh-so-sweet baby giggle or the way their sweet baby breath smelled when they slept on our chests during their naptime, instead of their crib (so that we could get laundry or dusting done).

No More Perfect MomsI still have a lot of work ahead of me to really master this way of thinking but recently came across a new book, “No More Perfect Moms” by Jill Savage, that I’m hoping with help me along this journey. I saw this quote on the review and was instantly hooked: “While we’re pursuing perfection, we’re missing out on the most precious parts of life: the laughter of silliness, the joy of spontaneity, the lessons found in failure, and the freedom found in grace.”

I also love that this book is faith based, since in “my book” (pun intended!) there is only one form of true perfection and it’s through Him that I have this amazing life.

As I always do, I’ve been collecting some inspiration on Pinterest to help me with this new state of mind. I’m thinking one of these might need some prime wall real estate to keep me honest:

I'm Rocking My Baby and Babies Don't Keep


Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life





Feb 9, 2013

The Morning Marathon

I’ve been trying to think of a good excuse to give you guys for why I haven’t blogged and responded to comments in over 4 months, but then I realized that you probably already know why: I’m a new mama with absolutely no clue what I’m doing who also happens to work full time and then some. My “me-time” has consisted of scrubbing poop off baby clothes, cleaning bottles and pump parts and picking up toys from every square inch of my house. On the forreals though, you should’ve seen how grown out my highlights were… I literally had a thought the other day about many more months it would take for them to be considered “ombre”…. so sad. To my credit, I am learning to get out more and really dedicate some time to myself, but with working full time, I feel guilty when I don’t spend my time off with/around Dylan. I think every working mama can relate to this, so would love to hear how you guys have dealt with this. 

OK, OK…enough sap story for one post. Although I’ve clearly still got some baby-mama-drama to work out, I have made great progress over the past few months in organizing all this craziness. I get a laugh at reading through my old posts as I was nesting and I’m guessing you experienced mama’s did too – I clearly had no clue what I was about to get into. Organizing everything pre-baby definitely, absolutely, totally helped me but instead of cleaning every closet in this joint, I should’ve spent more time doing nothing… because gone are those days, friends.

And although I tried to plan ahead and organize for the future, I soooo wasn’t prepared for the “morning marathon”. Hell, I’ve been back at work for over 4 months now and I’m still getting use to it. Getting me ready, getting D ready, feeding D, getting D ready again after he poops/pukes on himself, getting me ready again after D pukes on my outfit, making bottles, loading 6 bags in the car and then heading off to daycare and work… all before a cup of coffee is mother.truckin’.work.

So a couple Sundays ago, I declared that I’d spend 30 minutes “prepping” for the week. I thought about everything that slows me down in the morning and realized that it really revolved around outfits and getting both D and I ready. So while putting away laundry like I typically do on Sunday, I spent a few minutes picking out 5 outfits for both Dylan and I. Since Dylan doesn’t really wear shoes yet, I thought his hanging shoe organizer would be the perfect way to organize his outfits for the week as there is a cubby for each day of the work week, plus one for weekend outfits. Since I store his tops and bottoms in separate drawers of his dresser, this has been such a time saver. It has also really helped ensure Jer doesn’t dress Dylan like a freak. It happens…

 Baby Shoe Organizer for Outfit Storage | My Sweetnest Blog   Diaper Storage | My Sweetnest Blog

So I applied the same system in my closet, but there was absolutely no way I could give up one inch of my shoe storage… gotta little problem in that department. Instead, I simply picked out 5 outfits and slipped a little cord tag that I labeled with the day of the week around the hangers. I LOVE these cord tags from Martha Stewart…that lady knows a thing or two.

Using Cord Tags for Selecting Weekday Outfits | My Sweetnest Blog

Using Cord Tags for Selecting Weekday Outfits | My Sweetnest Blog

Since I’ve started doing this, weekday mornings have been soooo much easier and it’s also been super helpful in ensuring that the outfits below never happen again… Smile #dorks


PS: please excuse typos and sentences that don’t make any sense. Still working through post-baby-fuzziness.




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