Nov 13, 2015

Building a new nest

Hey guys! I’m nesting again and you know what that means…?! Well, it may not mean what you think it means. Not that kind of nesting anyway. Two kids under four have me pretty tapped in the kiddo department right now.

It actually means that we’re finally building our forever home! After a longggg year on the market, we were finally able to sell our beautiful house that I started all this bloggin’ business about. Although I loved this house dearly it was straight up in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Driving 30 minutes to get to a target is pretty painful…right? But aside from it’s location it was pretty perfect for us and was surrounded by some of the nicest people on this planet.


I decided not to blog about the whole moving process because I had zero time and did it with absolutely no organization. It was survival mode all the way and it was also a big ol’ roller coaster of emotions. This house was the first house Jeremy and I owned as a married couple. It was the very first place both of my babies called home. And this house… well, became my home. But every time I said that and allowed myself to get all sappy, I reminded myself that home is really just wherever your heart is… oh and that driving 30 minutes to get to work and well…anywhere sucked. Badly.

So 9 million boxes later, we blew this popsicle stand and made a great big decision. Over that lovely year of trying to sell our house, we had a chance to stalk the market of the county we’ve always wanted to live in. And for some reason a brand new, 4 bedroom craftsman on 10 acres with tons of built ins and granite countertops didn’t hit the market. Crazy, right?

So we pretty quickly realized that we were just gonna have to build that sucker… and rent a roof over our heads in the mean time. We really had no clue where to start though aside from googling house plans. But after we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted we decided to start chatting with a few builders and found one that we trusted and had experience building the type of house we were after.


Our builder quickly set us up with his draftsman and after about 4 months and 40 emails later, we finally completed her…

Dorrough Stone Columns 7 6 15

These renderings and especially the interior ones, were so helpful as we discussed layout. Building a custom home means you’ll likely never physically walk through the space before you live in it, so getting as close to the real deal as possible was just crazy helpful for us.

Dorrough Rear Rendering 6 26 15

So now we’re off to make 100+ decisions (seriously!). I’m planning to blog about our selections process because so far it’s just been a doozie. From lighting to cabinetry to paint and flooring.. it’ll be here.

Oh and here’s a shot of our current progress, which just started this past Monday. We officially have a driveway and a big square of dirt. It’s getting very real.


More to come soon!



Mar 1, 2015

Easy Peasy Baby Food

Something crazy happened last week y’all. Somehow I became the mom that makes her own baby food. I desperately wanted to be this lady with Dylan (baby #1) but after an epic fail making green beans and just about every type of fruit, I just didn’t have the confidence to try again. I chalked it up to not having the right kitchen tools nor enough time. I decided I would just cut my full-time working self a break.

But a few weeks ago when Emma was cleared to start solids, I got this crazy itch to give it another go. Emma has been an easier baby on every single level, so maybe… just maybe… she might like my busted baby food.

I decided not to relive my green bean nightmare. I just couldn’t go there again. It was painful. Instead, I attempted Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Pears, Peas and Peaches. And something so totally crazy happened. She LOVED them. She gobbled down every last bite. Even the peas. Well, OK peas mixed with a little apple. But still.. she was a fan of my cooking and I was doing my glorious super mom happy dance.

So without further ado, here’s the super duper simple way I made and stored all this organic goodness:

Homemade baby food

Aside from the Squash and Sweet Potatoes, which I roasted in the oven for ~45 minutes, I simply steamed each fruit or veg in a big ol’ pot. The name of the game during this step is simply to get whatever you are cooking super tender while retaining as much of the nutrients as possible.

IMG_6416  IMG_6417

So in this example once my ($1!) bag of frozen peas were tender, I poured them into my mini food processor with some of the cooking liquid and pureed until smooth. I originally thought I needed one of those fancy baby food makers but nope… a food processor, blender or well anything that purees all that goodness up is all you really need. I absolutely love this Cuisinart Mini Food Processor!


Texture is a big big deal here, especially when trying to achieve Stage 1 baby food consistency so I added teaspoons of the water it cooked with until it was smooth.


Once my peas were super smooth, I simply dumped them into an ice cube tray so they would freeze in 1 ounce portions.


And then I popped these in my freezer to freeze overnight….


And when these bad boys were rock solid, I simply put them in a labeled Hefty freezer bag. When I’m ready to feed Emma I just grab 3 cubes/3 ounces and microwave it for <30 seconds in one of these Pampered Chef Prep Bowls. These bowls are so perfect because they are essentially measuring cups with a lid and they are glass. I’m a big weirdo about microwaving plastic. Always have been.


I think my most favorite thing about this system is how easy it is to mix and match the different veggies and fruits. Emma isn’t a huge fan of peas or butternut squash but she gobbles it down when I mix in an ounce of pears or apples. And with this system I don’t have to worry about the rest of those apples or pears spoiling in my fridge. Been there, done that, been nagged by my husband for wasting money.


So if there are any new mamas in the house that are at all thinking about doing this, I encourage you to give it a try… twice. I think you would be surprised how easy it is and how much better it tastes than jarred baby food. And for the love of peas, don’t go out and buy a fancy machine. First give it a go with appliances you already have.

Take it from my Emma girl…. she’s clearly a big fan Smile




Nov 2, 2014

Introducing My Emma

Jer and I (and big brother Dylan) are thrilled to introduce our darling baby girl, Emma Grace. She came into this world a few weeks ago at a whooping 8 lbs 14 oz. Unlike her big brother, who seriously made a mama work for it, she had a quick and easy delivery (thanks to the fact that she’s my second baby and umm… an epidural, of course) and has been a non-stop eating, sleeping, pooping baby angel ever since.


Although we introduced Emma via Facebook a few hours after her birth, I’m a sucker for paper birth announcements, so I’ve started my hunt for the perfect card to send to our friends and family. I just think there is something so very charming and traditional about receiving a birth announcement in the mail and I recently fell in love with several card templates from Aside from the huge variety of adorable cards, they also make it extremely easy to find the perfect card with their Find it Fast feature. I simply uploaded a photo and it was automatically populated into all of the templates. Here are a few that I loved with one of Emma’s newborn photos: screenshot

This feature also allowed me to upload several images at once, so that I could easily try out another picture within the templates: screenshot

Although there were seriously a ton to pick from, I’m head over heels for this “Little Lady” template:

Little Lady Birth Announcements

Aside from Emma’s birth announcements, I’m also currently shopping for our annual Christmas card and I’m totally digging these two templates. This one is perfect for a single family shot:

Christmas Card Template

But I LOVE this one for showcasing all your favorite moments from the year. The size is also perfect for all those filtered Instagram pics. I think we can all agree that life just looks better with a Valencia or Nashville filter, right?!

Family Snapshots Christmas Photo Cards

Well I’m off to fill the mailboxes of our friends and fam thanks to!



Disclosure: Although this post was sponsored by, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sep 22, 2014

Emma’s Nursery Closet

I can’t even control it anymore. I am nesting like it’s nobody’s business. I am so envious of all you pregnant peeps who can kick back and relax during your third trimester because with both my pregnancies I’ve been a label-makin’, dust bunny killin’, floor cleanin’ nutcase. I just seriously get this feeling that this baby cannot exit my body until everything is perfectly in it’s place. I seriously woke up last night and started thinking about how I could move our washing machine and dryer to clean behind them. That just aint even normal… right?

All that said, I am trying to force myself to sit more during these final two weeks. Especially given that as of last week I was already 3 cm dilated / 70% effaced. I just keep getting this visual of her just falling out of there while I’m walking around. OK… sorry, don’t visualize that. But before I completely kick back, I thought I would take a second and roll around in the organized goodness of baby Emma’s nursery closet and share it with you guys.

Hopefully you’ve already checked out Dylan’s nursery closet and how we rolled with that one. Although I still love how his turned out, we definitely made it a lot harder than it had to be by completely overhauling the closet with a new closet system and removing the standard white shelf that was already installed. For Emma’s, we kept the original top shelf but added a second one several feet below and then an additional half shelf at the bottom.

Girl Nursery Closet

This big brother was all too happy to help… especially because he got to use tools.


I became a big big fan of the Delta Nursery Storage Set set when I ordered it for Dylan’s closet a few years back, so I knew I just had to get it in pink for Emma.

I also recently discovered this pink label tape for my Brother labeler that matched perfectly. I may have squealed in the Staples label aisle.

Girl Nursery Closet

Also within the Delta Nursery Set are these handy dandy size labels. And yes, that’s her coming home dress. Ekkkkkk…. I’m having a girrrrrrrrl.

Girl Nursery Closet

The top shelf of the closet is currently housing infant toys, to-be-collected memories and items I’m passing down to her. The smaller boxes to the right (from Target) are for seasonal items (Thanksgiving bibs, Christmas socks, etc) and extra nursing parts.

Girl Nursery Closet

Again, something else I loved when organizing Dylan’s room was using his top drawer to store diapers, wipes and creams. This allowed me to fit soooooo much more than I ever could in a bin on top of the dresser.

Girl Nursery Organization

All of the other drawers just house onesies, pants, blankets, etc.

Girl Nursery Organization

Oh and I also recently added a new basket to her bookshelf that I’m crushing on….


I found this canvas Toy basket at Home Goods for a couple bucks <3


Well that’s it! Now it’s time to lay around, eat bon-bons (I still have no clue what they actually even are…?), and wait for baby Emma to arrive!

Girl Nursery Closet




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