Seats taken!

Before I start my hunt for new DIY projects, I want to start with my few pieces of furniture that aren’t getting any love these days. JD and I bought this TV stand for our house in Christiansburg and aside from the ugly color it worked fine! In our new house, the TV sits above the fireplace so I was at a loss for what to do with this left-cabinet-broken-nob TV stand (battle wound from the move). I have trouble parting with furniture. It’s kind of like when you had to throw/give away stuffed animals as a teenager (or 24-year-old) and feel horrible for days…. R.I.P. “Bunny”.

Last week JD and I were having our usual fight over the only seat in our bedroom. Since it’s part of “my” vanity and I’m usually sitting in it when he needs it, I figure it’s probably best to add more seating, so one of my favorite and most used marriage phrase “what’s yours is mine” doesn’t come back to haunt me.

So… Tada! Feast your eyes on my new bedroom bench! Ok, I know DIY doesn’t mean moving a piece of junky furniture into a new room. I’m in the final stages of revamping this bad boy, so look for the how-to and before & after pictures early next week!

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Making my Nest

As a new nester (a.k.a. homeowner/maker) I know very little about carpentry, sewing, painting or being “crafty”. However, I do know what looks good, I know what makes me feel warm, and I know that all of those things help make a house a home. My husband and I moved into a brand new house two years ago and I’ve barely picked up a paint brush. Since we’re in BFE (no honestly, our town is named “BumpAss”) we put ourselves on a 2 year plan here, but with how fab the market is doing these days, it’s turning into a 5-15 year plan. I’ll explain later why we’re here and why we want to leave, other than the obvious reason… the hillbillybutt name.

So what’s a gal to do stuck in a blank canvas indefinitely? Well, I’m out to make it sweeter one DIY project at a time. Since my style is more laid-back chic vs. stuck up expensive, I think I can easily do it….once I learn the basics! Since I married the most handyman hot-ass I know and my mom and sister are crafty-craftersons, I’ll have some great teachers to help me along the way. I also fully anticipate being that girl that bugs the crap out of the sales clerks at Home Depot and True Value, “How do I make this color?”, “What’s a synthetic brush?”, “How long should it be?” (that’s what she said!)

As much as I want to throw my entire self into redesigning designing my home, I also have a full time job so I’m officially declaring myself a Weekend DIY Warrior! I hope along this journey of learning, creating and designing that I’m also able to teach you something and hopefully make you laugh along the way.


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