Sep 17, 2011

Super Simple Kitchen Chalkboard

The past two weeks have been crazzzzzy town, so I apologize for being a blog slacker. Thank you to those who check in regularly and feel free to remind me that I’ve been slacker-slackystine in the comments. I’ve been working insane hours but on a badass campaign, so I really can’t complain too much. On top of that, we leave for our Italy vacation on Tuesday, so prepare to hear crickets for another two weeks. Although I’m turning my Blackberry O, F, F, I am taking my iPad, so I’ll try to provide a few updates along the trip. 4 days in Florence and 4 days in Rome. ekkkkk! This is our first trip to Europe so I have no idea what to expect. I just know there are several bottles of red wine with my name on em’.

So not only have I been a blog slacker recently, I’ve also been a life/wife/friend slacker. Call me old school, but something I really look forward to every day is sitting down, eating dinner and talking about my day with JD. For 20 minutes, the TV is off, computers are shut, Blackberries are flipped over (so they can’t flash that annoying “look at me!!!” red light) and iPad’s are sleeping. It’s just us… and Bo bugging us for scraps of course. However, with crazy schedules this lovely little timeout sometimes falls through the cracks and before we know it, we’re eating fast food and cereal on the sofa.

Since I’m a die hard list maker (I honestly have a “Life To Do” list), I decided to make a dinner menu list and hang it in the kitchen to keep us on schedule. Since our countertops are black, I thought a chalkboard would look really cool and be super simple to make and update. I was right. I simply took a piece of wood (pretty sure this came from the TV stand turned bench) and spray painted it with chalkboard spray paint. So without further ado, here’s the super simple chalkboard dinner menu…

Chalkboard Menu

We’re in week 2 of this experiment and it’s working brilliantly! As you can see, this week’s menu is so simple, to ensure we stay on track. I definitely recommend making your list obtainable, or it will probably become just a cool chalkboard in your kitchen.

Speaking of cool chalkboards, check these out. The entire wall in this kitchen was turned into a chalkboard and I absolutely LOVE IT. I’m on day 2 of convincing JD that we need this. He’s not quite sold yet. How does that saying go again, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for…?” :)

DIY 2011 Blog Cabin Kitchen

With our kitchen layout, the chalkboard wall would actually look more like this…

Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

What do you guys think… are chalkboard walls just a trend or timeless? Drop me a line in the comments please :)

Sep 2, 2011

Thanks Dunphy's!

I love shopping online. I could stop this post now and be satisfied. Yep… that’s how much I love browsing online stores, finding something I love and clicking that beautiful little purchase button. All from the comfort of The Bumpass I’m able to skip the lines, the not-available-in-my-size disappointment and the dreaded 30 minute drive to the nearest store (don’t worry… I’m not going to start complaining). Although I know the FedEx guy has to hate my guts (because I’m always his last stop and probably the only reason he has to drive to BFE) I hope I’m able to brighten his day a little when I meet him at the door with my “gimme-gimme-gimme” smile. You should’ve seen me the day he brought me my sewing machine, I almost hugged him… but since I want him to come back and not dodge “the creepy girl’s” house, I decided against it.

Anywho, you can image my excitement when I came home the other day to my Pottery Barn duvet cover and shams beautifully displayed on my front porch steps. You must be thinking “Dang… her Fedex guy rocks! Well he does, but I’m totally kidding. How awesome/creepy would it be though if this is what we came home to instead of a boring white box? I think I’m on to something here…

Pottery Barn Painterly Paisley Duvet Cover Porcelain Blue

Does this duvet cover look familiar? Here’s a hint: it’s typically seen in another modern family’s home… got it yet? It’s the same duvet cover that Claire and Phil Dunphy have on Modern Family! Believe it or not, when I first saw it, I paused the TV and said “LOVVVE! I bet that’s Pottery Barn!” And to my surprise it was! So I immediately signed up for Pottery Barn’s promotional emails and waited for a sale to pop up. As every good shopper knows, good things come to those who wait and I was able to get this bad boy 15% off!

Pottery Barn Modern Family

A little over a year ago I painted our bedroom “Tide Pools” by Behr. It’s the most soothing green/blue/light teal ever BUT I’ve had the hardest time finding a duvet cover to coordinate.. until now! This duvet cover was made for these walls – honestly, I don’t think I could have picked a better match. Thanks for looking out, PB!

This is my second Pottery Barn duvet cover and I have to tell you folks… they don’t disappoint. I fully anticipate having this sucker for many years to come!

Aug 25, 2011

Shakin' Up

What a flippin week, man. I’m starting to think mother nature is seriously pissed at a sister. I know that we suck for not always recycling, buying old crap with lead paint on it, and never carpooling but does our punishment have to be an earthquake and hurricane in the same week?

Since Tuesday’s quake we’ve felt 3 aftershocks in Bumpass (~10 miles from epicenter in Mineral). The worst was definitely Tuesday’s – there is something about waking up in a dark room with your whole house shaking that just scares the crap out of you. Also, what’s up with this happening in Mineral? Riddle me that Batman. Louisa has never been the center of anything and now it’s mentioned on the front page of the NY times. Yessss, we’ve made it! I wonder if our house value has gone up any? haha doubtful.

So all complaining aside, we’re so very blessed that we only lost a TV and perfect picture placement. JC was totally looking out for us!

RIP TV. Half our fault for not bolting you down. Half quakes fault for shaking you up.
Mineral, VA earthquake

So weird how far this picture moved!
Mineral, VA earthquake

Bo is traumatized for life. I can’t get him to stop eating grass now… he’s throwing in the towel.

It may take…ummm 2 seconds, but we will rebuild :)

How about you…any earthquake damage to share?

Aug 20, 2011

Shades of Gray

Do you ever get fixated on a color so much that you just want to constantly wear, paint and sleep in it? Well it has officially happened to me. I can’t get enough of the color grey. I’ve already painted two rooms BM’s “Stonington Grey” and am set to paint another very soon. I first thought the color was going to make the rooms feel smaller but they honestly feels tons bigger and so very…. neutral. Grey also pairs really well with bold colors, especially yellow. I debated making this post about grey/yellow things because I love the combo so much. My guest bedroom color scheme is grey/yellow/white and I can’t even explain how soothing and peaceful it is.

I’ve also heavily incorporated this hue into my wardrobe. While trying on a pair of TOMS in Nordstroms the other day, I was having trouble picking between the black or grey pair. Then suddenly a cute old man walks by and says “Go with the grey pair, you can wear it with anything!” Then it hit me and I thought “Yes, Mr. stranger-fashion-guru-mall-walker. You’re so right!” We get our inspiration from the strangest places… huh? PS: I’m in LOVE with TOMS. Not just because it’s the coolest business model in the world (one for one) but because they’re cute, sassy, and comfortable. It took four wears for me to claim the last part but I’m there and could totally strut my stuff for long distances in these suckers.

My accessories are also donning the shade. Found this grey bag in the picture above at Dillard’s for $25 bucks. Not sure who Kate Landry is, but she has my vote. Keep it coming sister.

Ann Taylor Loft is also pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. I recently got the grey stripe shirt below and yes, it pairs fabulously with ummm…everything. I’m also loving this grey dress and top.

Ann Taylor Loft Grey

So I’m not a big spender when it comes to bold jewelry but I totally want to be for this Stella and Dot necklace. Since “grey is the new neutral” it will go with everything right? I’ll eat, sleep, work, walk-the-dog, and exercise with it! How’s that for justifying a purchase? ☺

Stella and Dot Necklace

Isadora Pearl Bib |

Bottom line – grey is the new neutral. Yep… it might as well be beige or “nude” so rock it sister friends. Please drop a comment with any great grey finds. Thinking about making a board on Pinterest for it!

Hope you guys have a fab weekend. I’m off to support JD’s hobby, which will take me an entire post to explain. Long story short, I better win wife of the year if such award exists.

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