Back with 10

So I blinked and 30 weeks went by. 30 weeks since I blogged, painted my toes, sat in a quiet room, drank a glass a wine, and napped. Rest in peace sweet, sweet naps. If a full time job and a 2 year old don’t keep you busy, then add on growing a human and you’ll find yourself in my fuzzy, tired, ungroomed, and unorganized haze. All selfish complaining aside (thank you, that was needed and a  little fun), we are beyond thrilled about our new addition. We always knew we wanted our kiddos to be close in age and think 27 months is going to be a pretty cool combo. I realize life will get even more crazy town but I’m going to ride this idyllic gravy train until it stops in the town of you-have-two-kids-under-three-and-work-full-time.

And since I haven’t had time to blog about everything on my mind, here’s the top 10 list of the latest and greatest:

1. We’re preggers with Baby #2!

Around December I just started jonesing for another baby. I was starting to look back at Dylan’s baby pictures, taking an extra second scrolling through the 10,000 baby pictures that fill up my Babybook .. I mean Facebook newsfeed, and when I started saying “awww” while flipping through the PB Kids catalog, I just knew it was time. I truly believe this was God putting this in my heart because I just had an unexplainable feeling that we were ready. One month later, I was positive we were pregnant. I took 2 early pregnancy tests – both negative – but just didn’t believe them. One week later, I took another and there were those beautiful two pink lines.

Oh don’t mind the bed head, mis-matching pjs, and the fact that my kid is holding a stick that I peed on. Pretty sure I cleaned it first…


2. It’s a GIRL!!!!!!

And she’ll be here on (hopefully before) October 7th! To tell Dylan about his baby sister we brought home pink balloons. He had no clue what was going on but boy does he loves a balloon.


3. Growing a girl is painful.

This pregnancy has been 110% different. Aside from just showing sooner, I actually hurt this time. My feet decided to suddenly grow half an inch and I think started to flatten a bit. I self diagnosed myself with planter fasciitis (before I even knew how to pronounce it). Now that I’m rounding out my third trimester, I’m just more achy and have already started the wobble wobble walk. Perhaps it has something to do with chasing a two year old around while also growing a human…?

4. Capitan obvious here, but I get to decorate a girl nursery.

Since we were trying to sell our house this year, I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time decorating, but I have done a ton of planning. Lots of blog posts to follow about her room Smile

5. And buy pink stuff… lots and lots of pink stuff. And dresses… ekk.

6. Deciding on a girl name is hard.

It’s even harder when you have a dream that she has already picked out her name and doesn’t like the one you’re actually considering. On the forreals, I had a dream during early early pregnancy that she wanted her name to be Sarah. I like the name Sarah but I love the name Emma.

7. We finally finished our playroom!

This room has been such a blessing. I let Dylan go buck wild in this room and clean it up once a few times a week. It definitely still needs some TLC but it’s lower on the list these days.


8. We’re building a house…well kind of. As soon as we can sell our house, and buy land, and agree on a house plan… well then we’ll build a house.

I’m a sucker for a craftsman house and I’m so loving this one right now!


Downstairs  Upstairs

9. Dylan is out of this world cool. I think I always say his current age is my favorite but on the for reals, 20-24 months is my favvvvvorite.

We just recently celebrated the big 2!


10. And Jer and I also just recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary!

I have no clue where five years went but it’s been the greatest years of my life.

More baby girl stuff to follow very soon!!!



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Nesting… not just for the birds


Holy smokes, this nesting situation is outta control y’all. Is there ever a reason to clean my oven, refrigerator and completely organize everything “baby” in one afternoon… all while 37 weeks pregnant? Umm, that’d be a no. I’m suppose to be sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and enjoying this peace and quiet that everyone and their mama has told me that I’ll never experience again. Not on my feet and knees, telling oven grease and dust bunnies to “say my nammmme, say my nammmme!”

Although I’m exhausted and swollen from the organizing mayhem of this weekend, I did have a moment where I visualized myself (yes, as a bird), sitting on my newly constructed nest and letting out a big “ahhhhhh”, because I knew that my baby (bird, in this example) would have a clean, comfortable and organized space to come home to. I’ve gotta give my man Jesus a big shout out for this boost of energy and nesting instinct that hits us pregnant women during the final weeks. I mean how else would one’s oven get cleaned and closets organized? And if your answer to that question is “my husband”, I just laughed out loud.

So as I enter my final weeks of being exhausted, mean, cranky, and borderline miserable pregnant, my main goal has been to get the house and all of Dylan’s stuff uber organized, so that when we bring him home, we can 100% focus on him and all his baby goodness (I’m jaded, I know) vs. moments of “where are the diapers, soothies, bottles and bibs!” Usually, I’ll just attack an organization project head on, but for this one I really wanted to think about how to organize in a way that would really make our lives easier. So although this isn’t “baby tested, mama approved” yet, here’s how I approached it:

Nursery Closet – Originally this closet only had one rack across the top and although I think we’re cookin’ a pretty large fella, baby stuff is small, so that just wasn’t going to cut it. So we installed a pretty simple closet system that I got from Wal-Mart and added some cute bins. And since I washed everything in this closet with Dreft, I can frequently be found sitting in front of it, just a huffin’ in that sweet baby smell. Suppose there are worse things to huff than baby clothes…

Organized Baby Closet

Ok, ok… sure you could just peek in the bins to see what they’re packing, but to make life easier, and ensure Jer knows where everything is, I added a few labels.

Organized Nursery

Again, not yet “baby tested, mama approved”, but I think these clothing size organizers are going to be super helpful, especially since whoever determines the size of baby clothes these days is definitely huffing something a little stronger than Dreft. I’ve got a few newborn onesies that I guarantee Dylan’s head won’t fit through. And… que the “that baby is not gonna be wearing newborn clothes” comments that I keep getting. Yes, I’m huge. We know this.

Also, since I’ve become the dooms day prepper of burp clothes, I thought these guys should have their own little labeled home as well. No clue why I feel the need to hoard these, but I do.

Organized Nursery

Organized Nursery

Aside from a super organized closet, I also thought it would be helpful to have organized “stations”. For the changing area in Dylan’s room, I made the top drawer of his dresser the diaper station and used some nifty drawer organizers from Wal-Mart to sort all of his baby butt and grooming stuff.


Diaper Storage

And so we’re not constantly running up the stairs like crazy people, with poop and pee on us (although I might pay to see Jer like this once), I also decided to setup a changing station downstairs. Since we bought the one pack-n-play that doesn’t come with a built in storage system (DOH!), we got this diaper attachment from Amazon that clips right to the side.

Pack-n-Play Diaper Storage

I actually think this one might be more useful than the built-ins, because we can actually see when supplies is low and it has several compartments for his stuff that Bo can’t jump up and steal.

Diaper Depot

Finally and probably the most difficult to make room for, was a kitchen cabinet for Dylan’s bottles & bottle cleaning kit, eating utensils and eventually food. Although we’re going into this thing with our breastfeeding flag flying, we’ve been given several tins and bottles of formula, so they got their own bin too.

Bottle Storage

So I think we’re finally ready to do this. Now if I could just be as mentally prepared. I just started reading “The Happiest Baby on The Block” yesterday, so at least we’re making some progress in that department Smile

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Packing for the Hospital


So in all reality, I know to get Dylan from point A (my inners) to point B (the world), all I really need is my vag… but hey I’m a planner and want to make sure we have as many comforts as possible to make this birthing process a hit. And yes, to all those that wanna go to that level… I think I’m probably over preparing physically since I couldn’t be more unprepared mentally. I’ve already accepted, owned and well… just clearly stated that. We’re going into this parenting thing so very blind, but I have all the confidence in the world that Jer and I are going to be rockstar parents.

So aside from my who-who, my loving husband (who I strangely prefer to call my babydaddy) and my amazing mother, I’m planning to bring 3 bags with me – 1 that I bring to the labor room, 1 that Jer brings after we move into our postpartum room, and 1 for baby Dylan. Here’s what I’ve packed in each:

Labor Bag:

  • Bath robe
  • – Camera
  • – Jolly ranchers (since eating is apparently a labor no-no)
  • – Comfy slippers/socks
  • – Basic toiletries: lip balm (EOS is the balm dot com!), toothbrush/paste, headbands
  • – iPhone & charger
  • – iPad (during any downtime, you best be prepared Draw Something friends!)

Post Labor Bag:

  • 4 nursing outfits. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a natural delivery and short hospital stay, but I’m packing several nursing gowns just to be prepared. I’ve also packed a loose fitting outfit for the trip home and some granny panties to rock with those super sweet thunder pads. Ughhh. Someone please comment and tell me it’s not that bad!
  • Nursing sleep bras & supplies
  • – Outfit for Jer
  • – Toiletries (for me & Jer)
  • – Snacks
  • – Boppy pillow

Diaper Bag:

  • Dylan’s homecoming outfit
  • – Soothies – although I hear they give these away like candy at our hospital
  • Swaddle blankets
  • – Mittens: I’ve heard the nurses judge you if you forget these. I’ll be judging myself enough, so let’s cut someone else out the judgment equation.
  • – Hat: Probably don’t need this for a summer bambino, but it’s cute and babies are bald, so why not.
  • – Car seat

So ok all you experienced birthers out there… what am I missing? I’ll update this post after Dylan arrives and let you know what I did and didn’t use.


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Dylan’s Nautical Baby Shower

So I’ve never once doubted my mom and sister’s ability to throw a party. From weddings to backyard pool parties, these two ladies just know how to throw down. So as soon as my sister asked to throw me a baby shower, I just knew it would be nothing short of fabulous… and boy was I right. From the invitations to the napkins… every little detail of this nautical themed shower was “pin-worthy!

Kristen & Mama: Thank y’all so much for planning and organizing such a wonderful day. It was so fun celebrating Dylan’s upcoming arrival and he’s so blessed to have such an amazing aunt and grandma! I love you both so very much.


Ok, Ok… enough with the sappy stuff – on to the details. I mean I just said every detail was “pin-worthy”, so I’ve gotta show you the goods.

So as you may have seen from my Nursery post or my “Oh Baby!” pinboard, I’ve been obsessed with nautical baby stuff. I think I’ve been so drawn to it, because it’s baby-ish yet also really masculine, preppy and just plain cute. I mean come on… who doesn’t look precious in topsiders and seersucker?

Knowing all this, my super creative sister created an entire shower around the theme “Ahoy! It’s a Boy!” and incorporated a nautical flair into almost everything.


IMG_2717   IMG_2716


How creative is this? Kristen wrapped all of the utensils with rope and a little lifesaver! And on the right you can see the custom table runner Mama made to coordinate with the theme. I’m telling ya… these ladies are some party plannin’ fools.

IMG_2719   IMG_2718

And if the table runner wasn’t enough to showcase the crafty crafterson that I originated from, check out the stunning quilt that she made for Dylan. I haven’t taken a photo of the details yet, but the fabric is so freaking cute and the stitching is even done in little sailboats!


I also have to give a special shout out to all of my family and amazing girlfriends who made the haul to my house in The Bumpass to celebrate Baby Dylan. Thank you so much for showering him with such wonderful gifts and love – he and I are so very lucky to have all of you in our lives and we love you so much!





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