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Feb 4, 2012

Crushing on Board & Batten

You know that yucky feeling you get when you see the pair of shoes that you just bought on sale for 30% off? Well I get that same feeling after I complete a project and then find a better idea on Pinterest the next day. So before even starting step 1 of a project, I spend about a week collecting inspiration from Pinterest and my fellow bloggers.

Recently, I’ve been seriously crushing on some Board & Batten. I think it brings such a fresh and clean look to a room and is such a great way to add some character and definition to the space. Unlike wainscoting, Board & Batten doesn’t feel super formal to me, making it perfect for a little boy’s nursery.

Here are some of my favorite nursery’s with Board & Batten. Since I’ve been freakin’ jonesing to paint the nursery, Jer and I are starting this project on Sunday! Come back next week and check out our progress.






Jan 28, 2012

Pottery Barn Look for Less

Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ heart the Pottery Barn. I get their catalog every month and have gotten so much inspiration from them over the years. And when it comes to duvet covers, they are my one stop shop because it’s honestly the best quality fabric I can find. But for stuff like baby furniture, there are just too many options to break the bank for the look.

So after we found out Baby D was a sweet little boy this week, I headed straight to Pottery Barn Kids to pick up some inspiration and of course to start filling my “oh BABY!” Pinterest Board. I will likely get all of Baby D’s bedding from PB kids because I’m in love with the “Row Your Boat” nursery theme but after a little research, the furniture was quickly taken off the PB List.

Here’s why: Can you tell which crib is Pottery Barn? Ummm… exactly.


Pottery Barn Larkin Fixed Gate 4-in-1 Crib = $699 + $100 Shipping Surcharge


DaVinci 2 Piece Nursery Set – Jayden 4 in 1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail AND Piedmont Changer = $487.96 + Free Shipping (

image   imageimageimage

Granted Pottery Barn’s version may have a finer quality wood, but they are both made of “solid wood”, which means sturdy and safe! So for me the decision is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy and even leaves a little room for a couple PB splurges I’ve got my eye on:

image   image   image

Oct 30, 2011

Pinterest Frame Gallery

So I have to admit that I’m a Pinterest junkie. At least once a day I check out the “Home Decor” and of course the “DIY & Crafts” pins and occasionally wherever the cute baby animals pics live (am I a loser for starting an “Awww” board? ummm that would be a yes!) But as inspired as I am by the insanely unique and talented DIYers out there, I rarely pin stuff… I’m just much more of a re-pinner (is this a word yet?) So when I saw Sherry and Katie’s Pinterest Challenge post over at Young House Love and Bower Power this week, I immediately felt inspired (and challenged!) to start pinning the crap out of some stuff – including projects from yours truly. But since the Bonus Room Renovation sucked up my weekend (ask me how much I hate hanging insulation… I’m still itchy!) and the fact that I have to work on workdays, I was only able to squeeze in one project… but it happens to be something that I learned from Pinterest!

So for years, I’ve wanted to make a frame gallery. I know it’s one of those things that grows with time, but I just had no idea where or how to start it. That is my friends, until I saw this little pin on Pinterest with the caption “A tried and true method”. Perhaps this is something lots of peeps know, but not this gal. So when I saw the paper cutouts arranged on the wall with painters tape, a total light bulb went off. I had a similar reaction the first time someone told me the lyrics/title to one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs was actually “Beast of Burden”… for years I’ve been singing “I wanna be your big suburban…” Makes muuuuuuch more sense, right? :)
Another reason I put off hanging a frame gallery was due to the fact that I couldn’t find the “right” frames. So when I saw this 10 piece frame set at Target for $24 bucks, I was sold. I do wish it came with 11×14 frames, but the Dining Room didn’t mind loaning us theirs, especially since it has been rockin’ a hot new coat of grey paint.

So without further ado, here’s how I did it…

I started by arranging the frames on the floor. I must of made 30 different possible designs but landed on this one as I really like the balance of the two 11X14′s.

I then traced the frames on paper. I bought a roll of shipping paper from target for $3, which I totally plan to wrap Christmas presents with too. Just image the fun, funky bow colors you could add to it!!!
DIY Frame Gallery
Since the wall perpendicular to my frame galley also has wall art, I measured its distance from the ceiling to get a good measurement for the height. I know you’re suppose to hang pictures eye level, but since JD and I are giants, this is our eye level.

After hanging all of the cutouts up for the blueprint, I was ready to hammer in some nails! Once the nails were in, I then just removed the paper and hung the frames.
DIY Frame Gallery


Looks itty bitty here, but it’s actually a pretty nice size! I think it adds a modern feel to our super traditional living room. We <3 reclining sofas though, and not because they look good, but because they are soooooo comfy…so traditional it is :)
DIY Frame Gallery

Oct 22, 2011

DIY Fall Decor

Picture this – it’s a crisp, fall Saturday morning and you have nothing to do for the next 4 hours. After slowly waking up, you throw on some comfy clothes and mosey your way into the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee (that you finally remembered to set the timer for!) After a few warm sips, you open a window beside “your spot” on the couch, so the cool fall breeze can slowly make its way in and the scent of a Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle can circulate. You then curl up on the couch and burrow yourself in a fleece blanket…

This is my Saturday morning fall ritual and something I look forward to all week. (super exciting life, huh?) :)

And what makes this teeny tiny ritual even more perfect? When I look around and see my home decorated with the colors of my favorite season. I mean how can orange, yellow, red and brown not make you feel warm and cozy inside?

So I totally get that changing your decor seasonally can be expensive… I mean we’re talking new pillows, table settings, art, and even drapes. But with a little imagination and some backyard inspiration, you can create some of those super cozy magazine spreads for next to nothing!

I recently pulled together some of my favorite fall decorating ideas (most from that are all DIY inspired of course!!! I’m even working on a few of these this weekend and will share soon…

Fall leaves + wooden frames = amazing fall wall/shelf art.

Love how the red and orange throw pillows warm this room. I usually can find these colors in the fabric sale bins at JoAnn’s for super cheap!

Even if your normal decor is neutral, look how powerful adding a pop of fall color can be. LOVE!

How simple is this? A felt leaf cutout on a plain fabric.

This is one of the projects I’m starting this weekend. Great way to utilize all of your scrap fabric!

Stenciled leaves on a table runner! What a fabulous idea. BTW, if you’re looking for a good table runner for this project, try Home Goods. They have an awesome selection and most are under $15!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy center piece.

Don’t mums just scream fall?

But I still have a sweet spot for yellow mums, especially when they are paired with orange pumpkins. My front porch rocks the combo every fall :)

So what do you love most about fall?


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