You know that moment when you oh so quietly shut the door to your sleeping child’s room and you realize that the next 2 hours are completely, totally, 100% yours.  Although I love my kid to pieces, I seriously heart that moment and typically do a little happy dance before I immediately get busy on some me time. As a new mama, my me time should probably involve napping, relaxing or painting my toes but instead it usually consists of me organizing/re-organizing my home in hopes of making it and my family’s lives just a tad bit sweeter, easier and happier.

Oh and aside from being a passionate OCD organizer, I’m also quite the over-sharer and have absolutely loved sharing and connecting with other new mamas on here about this crazy journey called parenthood. From birthin’ to breastfeedin’ our babies, it’s on here and I hope you’ll join us as we make our way through the joy and chaos of being a new mama.


Hey there!

I'm Jamie, just one new mama organizing her way to a sweeter and happier home

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