Dream House Update: Cookin’ with Crisco

Over the past few months we’ve made some serious progress on the dream house and as I like to say we are now Cookin’ with Crisco… even though I physically cringe up when I have to use shortening in a recipe. Anyone feeling me? Ok back to the house. As of New Years day only the foundation and subfloors were in place but now 3 months later the house seems to be near complete, although I know we still have a ton of work left. January seemed to be all about the foundation and framing, February was doors, windows, drywall & mudding, March was full of siding, stone, trim, and painting. And now we have just over a month left until our MOVE IN date. Eeek!


IMG_0928   IMG_0930

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Although I’m straight up giddy to see the house come together, nothing has made me as excited as finishing the kitchen drawings and seeing them start to come to life. See while drawing the house, the draftsman made recommendations on the kitchen layout but it wasn’t until we met with the cabinetry vendors that we started to really visualize what it would look like. That said, selecting a cabinetry vendor was quite the journey. It literally took me over 3 months to find a vendor that could build what we wanted within our budget. The first meetings with the first two vendors were a dream. We walked through their showrooms oohing and ahhing over their amazing model kitchens. But then the follow up estimate email came and both were $10-15K over my budget. So I stressed out for a while like everyone building a house does… thought about what I could live without in the kitchen… and then decided that the third try is typically my charm. So I met with one more cabinetry company and FINALLY found the one. The one who could build us the kitchen of our dreams and exactly within our budget.

So let me show you around the Kitchen, first with this drawing we used to finalize the design:


On the back wall we’ll have a 36″ gas cooktop with a 36″ hood above. I debated installing a fancier hood but I opted for cabinet space instead. What I love about the more dramatic hoods is the focal point it can give the room, but I thought I could supplement it by increasing the depth of the cabinets to the left, right, and directly above the hood. To the right of the cooktop and hood are the double ovens and then to the right of those is the walk.in.pantry. I can’t even begin to express my love for this pantry. And then finally to the right of the mudroom entry is a kitchen desk, although the actual desk didn’t make the drawings.

Then there’s the island, which we made to do a lot of heavy lifting. It holds the microwave, sink, dishwasher and double trash cans. The microwave at my kid’s eye level may have been a bad move…


BUT it’s too late now, because the cabinets were installed this past week and I’m in LOVE. The cabinets are the Debut series by Legacy Cabinets in Ivory. And although the color is called Ivory, I was for some reason expecting a true white based on the sample I picked out in our vendor’s showroom. I freaked out for 5 minutes but have quickly come to love this warmer white, even though it’s not a perfect match with my trim or pantry door.


























Countertops are coming next week. I decided to go quartz on the parameter and granite on the island and can’t wait to see how it turns out. More to come!



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