Building a new nest

Hey guys! I’m nesting again and you know what that means…?! Well, it may not mean what you think it means. Not that kind of nesting anyway. Two kids under four have me pretty tapped in the kiddo department right now.

It actually means that we’re finally building our forever home! After a longggg year on the market, we were finally able to sell our beautiful house that I started all this bloggin’ business about. Although I loved this house dearly it was straight up in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Driving 30 minutes to get to a target is pretty painful…right? But aside from it’s location it was pretty perfect for us and was surrounded by some of the nicest people on this planet.


I decided not to blog about the whole moving process because I had zero time and did it with absolutely no organization. It was survival mode all the way and it was also a big ol’ roller coaster of emotions. This house was the first house Jeremy and I owned as a married couple. It was the very first place both of my babies called home. And this house… well, became my home. But every time I said that and allowed myself to get all sappy, I reminded myself that home is really just wherever your heart is… oh and that driving 30 minutes to get to work and well…anywhere sucked. Badly.

So 9 million boxes later, we blew this popsicle stand and made a great big decision. Over that lovely year of trying to sell our house, we had a chance to stalk the market of the county we’ve always wanted to live in. And for some reason a brand new, 4 bedroom craftsman on 10 acres with tons of built ins and granite countertops didn’t hit the market. Crazy, right?

So we pretty quickly realized that we were just gonna have to build that sucker… and rent a roof over our heads in the mean time. We really had no clue where to start though aside from googling house plans. But after we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted we decided to start chatting with a few builders and found one that we trusted and had experience building the type of house we were after.


Our builder quickly set us up with his draftsman and after about 4 months and 40 emails later, we finally completed her…

Dorrough Stone Columns 7 6 15

These renderings and especially the interior ones, were so helpful as we discussed layout. Building a custom home means you’ll likely never physically walk through the space before you live in it, so getting as close to the real deal as possible was just crazy helpful for us.

Dorrough Rear Rendering 6 26 15

So now we’re off to make 100+ decisions (seriously!). I’m planning to blog about our selections process because so far it’s just been a doozie. From lighting to cabinetry to paint and flooring.. it’ll be here.

More to come soon!



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  1. Your new house reminds me of the house you grew up in with the wrap-around porch and angled connecting roof.

    i can’t wait until construction begins.


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