Easy Peasy Baby Food

Something crazy happened last week y’all. Somehow I became the mom that makes her own baby food. I desperately wanted to be this lady with Dylan (baby #1) but after an epic fail making green beans and just about every type of fruit, I just didn’t have the confidence to try again. I chalked it up to not having the right kitchen tools nor enough time. I decided I would just cut my full-time working self a break.

But a few weeks ago when Emma was cleared to start solids, I got this crazy itch to give it another go. Emma has been an easier baby on every single level, so maybe… just maybe… she might like my busted baby food.

I decided not to relive my green bean nightmare. I just couldn’t go there again. It was painful. Instead, I attempted Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Pears, Peas and Peaches. And something so totally crazy happened. She LOVED them. She gobbled down every last bite. Even the peas. Well, OK peas mixed with a little apple. But still.. she was a fan of my cooking and I was doing my glorious super mom happy dance.

So without further ado, here’s the super duper simple way I made and stored all this organic goodness:

Homemade baby food

Aside from the Squash and Sweet Potatoes, which I roasted in the oven for ~45 minutes, I simply steamed each fruit or veg in a big ol’ pot. The name of the game during this step is simply to get whatever you are cooking super tender while retaining as much of the nutrients as possible.

IMG_6416  IMG_6417

So in this example once my ($1!) bag of frozen peas were tender, I poured them into my mini food processor with some of the cooking liquid and pureed until smooth. I originally thought I needed one of those fancy baby food makers but nope… a food processor, blender or well anything that purees all that goodness up is all you really need. I absolutely love this Cuisinart Mini Food Processor!


Texture is a big big deal here, especially when trying to achieve Stage 1 baby food consistency so I added teaspoons of the water it cooked with until it was smooth.


Once my peas were super smooth, I simply dumped them into an ice cube tray so they would freeze in 1 ounce portions.


And then I popped these in my freezer to freeze overnight….


And when these bad boys were rock solid, I simply put them in a labeled Hefty freezer bag. When I’m ready to feed Emma I just grab 3 cubes/3 ounces and microwave it for <30 seconds in one of these Pampered Chef Prep Bowls. These bowls are so perfect because they are essentially measuring cups with a lid and they are glass. I’m a big weirdo about microwaving plastic. Always have been.


I think my most favorite thing about this system is how easy it is to mix and match the different veggies and fruits. Emma isn’t a huge fan of peas or butternut squash but she gobbles it down when I mix in an ounce of pears or apples. And with this system I don’t have to worry about the rest of those apples or pears spoiling in my fridge. Been there, done that, been nagged by my husband for wasting money.


So if there are any new mamas in the house that are at all thinking about doing this, I encourage you to give it a try… twice. I think you would be surprised how easy it is and how much better it tastes than jarred baby food. And for the love of peas, don’t go out and buy a fancy machine. First give it a go with appliances you already have.

Take it from my Emma girl…. she’s clearly a big fan Smile




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