Emma’s Nursery Closet

I can’t even control it anymore. I am nesting like it’s nobody’s business. I am so envious of all you pregnant peeps who can kick back and relax during your third trimester because with both my pregnancies I’ve been a label-makin’, dust bunny killin’, floor cleanin’ nutcase. I just seriously get this feeling that this baby cannot exit my body until everything is perfectly in it’s place. I seriously woke up last night and started thinking about how I could move our washing machine and dryer to clean behind them. That just aint even normal… right?

All that said, I am trying to force myself to sit more during these final two weeks. Especially given that as of last week I was already 3 cm dilated / 70% effaced. I just keep getting this visual of her just falling out of there while I’m walking around. OK… sorry, don’t visualize that. But before I completely kick back, I thought I would take a second and roll around in the organized goodness of baby Emma’s nursery closet and share it with you guys.

Hopefully you’ve already checked out Dylan’s nursery closet and how we rolled with that one. Although I still love how his turned out, we definitely made it a lot harder than it had to be by completely overhauling the closet with a new closet system and removing the standard white shelf that was already installed. For Emma’s, we kept the original top shelf but added a second one several feet below and then an additional half shelf at the bottom.

Girl Nursery Closet

This big brother was all too happy to help… especially because he got to use tools.


I became a big big fan of the Delta Nursery Storage Set set when I ordered it for Dylan’s closet a few years back, so I knew I just had to get it in pink for Emma.

I also recently discovered this pink label tape for my Brother labeler that matched perfectly. I may have squealed in the Staples label aisle.

Girl Nursery Closet

Also within the Delta Nursery Set are these handy dandy size labels. And yes, that’s her coming home dress. Ekkkkkk…. I’m having a girrrrrrrrl.

Girl Nursery Closet

The top shelf of the closet is currently housing infant toys, to-be-collected memories and items I’m passing down to her. The smaller boxes to the right (from Target) are for seasonal items (Thanksgiving bibs, Christmas socks, etc) and extra nursing parts.

Girl Nursery Closet

Again, something else I loved when organizing Dylan’s room was using his top drawer to store diapers, wipes and creams. This allowed me to fit soooooo much more than I ever could in a bin on top of the dresser.

Girl Nursery Organization

All of the other drawers just house onesies, pants, blankets, etc.

Girl Nursery Organization

Oh and I also recently added a new basket to her bookshelf that I’m crushing on….


I found this canvas Toy basket at Home Goods for a couple bucks <3


Well that’s it! Now it’s time to lay around, eat bon-bons (I still have no clue what they actually even are…?), and wait for baby Emma to arrive!

Girl Nursery Closet



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  1. The pictures don’t do this room justice. This nursery is absolutely beautiful and so very organized. You open the drawers and everything has a place! Can’t wait to meet this little lady!

  2. I love the colors of the nursery!! I’m only in my second trimester & i’m already nesting….It’s crazy and it’s driving my husband crazy too. Congrats and good luck!

  3. Congratulations on your baby girl! I had a baby boy around the same time you had Dylan. We currently have our son in the smallest bedroom (closest to the master) in the home, but we hope to one day welcome another child into our family. Did you move Dylan’s room to accomodate his sister or will he stay in the same space once she arrives? I’m thinking that we should move our son well in advance of the arrival of a new sibling, even though we don’t have one on the way.

    1. Hey Keeley! Since the rooms were pretty much the same size, I kept Dylan in his room and everything exactly the same for him. I debated taking his glider for Emma’s room but he still loves to read books in it. Kids are so resilient that I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big deal if I moved him, but just to play it safe we decided to keep his room as is.

  4. Hi Jamie,
    The room really looks great. We started on our nursery this weekend; I’m 23 weeks and 2 days. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. I love how detailed you are in your blogs with links directly to everything. I can relate to the nesting craziness!

  5. You are seriously the cutest thing ever. I wish I had half of your organization skills. Remember when you organized my entire dorm room and made me a shoe castle. I still use it till this day. Come help me organize! I love all your tips and tricks. How do you have the time to do it all? You are always amazing me.

    Love you!

  6. Jamie, I love love love your baby girls room. Those are the same colors my husband and i are going with in our babies room. We are due Thanksgiving Day. Eeeek, i cant wait to meet her. Anyways i wanted to ask, where did you get the curtains? I was thinking of going with just white and adding a pink bow around them, but those are pretty too. If you say, “i made them.” i will say, “i hate you.” lol Only because i wish i could sew. hahaha Anyways please let me know, and congrats on your baby girl. <3

    1. Awww, thanks Kim and congrats! Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 27th) is actually my birthday and I’ve always loved that it falls at this time of year. Pecan Pie is so much better than birthday cake :)

      So here’s the deal on the curtains. I did make them but they are seriously so simple to make. I simply bought 10 yards of fabric because each window requires 5 yards (2.5 per panel) and then sewed 2 in. seams on all 4 sides. This fabric was SO nice so I actually didn’t even line it. And to make it even easier I used drapery hooks to hang the fabric on the rod. I have a tutorial from previous panels I’ve made here: http://www.mysweetnestblog.com/2011/07/11/pretty-panels-paint/

      Also, totally happy to email if you need more details!

  7. hello Jamie
    I love your nursery and am in the process of setting up one with a similar color scheme but i’m going with purple and gray. I love what you have done. I had a question about your mobile hanging over the crib, where did you find that or did you have that made?


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