Jan 11, 2014

Moleskin 2014 Planner

With all of the gadgets and tools around these days to help a gal keep her schedule organized, I decided to give them a try in 2013 and go without a physical planner. I decided back in January to toggle between my work and gmail calendars on my computer and iphone and try to organize it all on our wall calendar at home. Although the little popup reminders on my phone were pretty nice, this system just didn’t work for me.  I never forgot any super important dates but I just didn’t stay on top of my week and the zillions of to-do’s like I use to be able to do with a physical planner.

So I recently hit up the interwebs to look for the perfect planner and boy did I find exactly what I was looking for… the Moleskin 2014 Weekly Planner. This bad boy is small, durable, features a weekly layout AND has a note / lists section for every week.

Moleskin 2014 Planner

Moleskin 2014 Planner

So for all you list makers out there like me, this planner is perfect for planning out your week’s appointments and any associated to-do’s related to them. There is just something so therapeutic about crossing something off your to-do list. I’m guilty of even writing stuff I’ve already done down just so I can cross it off. One great big fan of instant gratification here.

Moleskin 2014 Planner

Something I was a little skeptical about was the size but after using it for a few weeks, this is definitely a perk as it conveniently fits into my purse. To show you the true size, I parked one of Dylan’s matchbox cars that are rapidly taking over my house.

Moleskin 2014 Planner

I got caught in the act though. Apparently, this was a major Mama no no. My bad.

Moleskin 2014 Planner

Moleskin 2014 Planner

Anyone else going old school planner with me this year?




  • Yep. I am with you on the old school planner. I am using the Franklin 5 Choices one. Seems to be working pretty well :)

  • I like that one! Might have to track it down. I have a desk calendar at work and a wall calendar at home but I think the list space would be awesome. I forget so much!

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