New Target Storage Bins


I love buying little storage bins. In my ripe old age of 28, I now get just as excited over a fresh new box as I do about a new pair of shoes. Very sad but oh so very true. Ok, so I guess it’s not really the box I’m getting hype over though, it’s really more about knowing what that adorable little container is going to do … which is organize and simplify. I’m just not a big fan of digging around big bins for little things or worse not knowing where all those little things are. And as ol’ Sweet Brown once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

But what this somebody definitely had time for yesterday were these $5 bins I strolled by in Target. With everyone’s “get organized” New Years resolution, this is such a great time to find good deals on storage bins and Target has so many awesome styles this year!

Target Storage Bins

This polka dot beauty comes in white and black but unfortunately I couldn’t find it on These were in the seasonal section of my local target on an end cap.

Target Storage Bins

Although there are endless uses for these, I think I’m going to use one to store greeting cards for my friends and fam this year. It’s the perfect size for even oversized cards and with a snazzy little label and a few dividers, this is going to be one helpful little system.

Target Storage Bins

Yes, Mama… that’s your birthday card. Happy early birthday and please act like you didn’t already see it when I mail it to you in a few weeks Smile

Target Storage Bins

The second polka dot box is going to be the new home of me and Jer’s “love letter” box. Ok, Ok… before you start hating or think I’m the biggest cheese ball ever, this is just a box that I started throwing all of the cards and letters Jer and I have given each other through the years in. But thanks to a lotta’ love or maybe thanks to narrow Jack Rogers sandals, this bad boy is ready for an upgrade.


As I was moving our cards into their new home, I came across this gem. A few years ago I convinced Jer to trade in pre-written Hallmark cards for more thoughtful, sincere letters and homemade cards. But being the tech guru my sweetie is, a simple pen and paper just wouldn’t do. Oh no, he headed straight to this Microsoft Card template and even threw in some super snazzy clipart. I know… I know…  I’m one lucky lady!



The navy striped bins could also be used for so many things, but I think I’m going to keep these in Dylan’s room since they go really well with his nautical theme. They also happen to be the perfect size to house 66 matchbox cars that I’ve been desperately trying to keep off the floor. Am I a bad mom if I hide these from him?


Target Storage Bins

Happy New Year and happy organizing!



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  1. I think you know this but I have an “I’m Wonderful” manila envelope in which I keep all the cards from not only Nowell but Mother’s Day, Birthday, etc. cards and things you and Kristen made as children. I even have an old Christmas list from you.

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