Martha Stewart Wall Organizer


You guys already know that I just love me some Martha Stewart. Last year I used several pieces from her office supplies collection to create our family binder and was just floored not only by the quality of the supplies but the design of it as well… I mean what doesn’t look good in light teal? So while in Staples this weekend, I thought I would swing by her section of the store to see what my homegirl had shakin’. And boy oh boy did I find “a good thing” ….

Martha Stewart Staples Collection

That little beauty on the left up there is Martha’s custom Wall Manager and to the right you can see all of the pieces (in white or black) to build it. The display gives one option but there are several ways to assemble. I also checked out Martha’s section on the Staples website to see other options for assembling the Wall Manager, and found a really cool tool that lets you design your own.

So as soon as I got home and walked through the door into our mudroom, I knew exactly where this bad boy was going to go. Jer and I have been unsuccessfully using that old dry ease calendar to keep a handle on our schedules and were throwing letters or netflex returns on the wooden ice box hoping that the next person to leave would know they were ready for mailing. Speaking of that wooden ice box, please don’t judge that honey stained piece of old school beauty. She’s a diamond in the rough, which I’m planning to stain and spruce up with some new hardware in the next month. She came from the house I grew up in and just feels like home to me. I remember exactly what my mama use to keep in each of those cabinets and every time I open one, it smells exactly like I remember it smelling.


Ok so back to the Wall Manager. Now that I found the perfect spot, it was time to assemble. This is the part where I usually call in Jer for some help, but not with this piece, girlfriend. It seriously couldn’t be easier. Each piece has a plastic frame that easily detaches and sticks to the wall until you find the perfect spot to nail it in.

Check this out… it also has a built in level so that you know when it’s… well… level. What will she think of next…?


The frame also makes it super easy to detach the display piece. This comes in handy especially for updating the calendar! And yes, I bought the Martha Stewart fine tip dry eraser marker. I couldn’t resist!


So although there are so many options for assembling, I stuck pretty close to the Staples display as this just seemed like it would work best for us. Aside from important dates and reminders, this has also become our “inside mailbox” station. I dedicated one of the drawers to stamps, the large cubby to our outbox and the small cubby holds one of my favorite things – our super cute return address stamp. Paper Source makes the cutest stamp designs and the gift set stamper makes an awesome gift!

Martha Stewart Wall Manager


Anyone with a busy family knows the power of a good organizer, so fingers crossed this one helps us tame the mail clutter and crazy schedules. Martha hasn’t let me down yet!

Martha Stewart Wall Manager



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  1. Here’s a teacher tip from an organizing junkie:

    One thing that drives me nut is writing on a dry-erase calendar and having my hand or arm erase something I’ve already written that will stand in for the whole month (example: date numbers, appts) – it looks messy!

    So, enter my favorite Sharpie Markers :) I write in all dates and future appts with a sharpie. No smudge, no mess! When I need to erase for the next month, I simply write over the sharpie with a regular dry-erase marker – let it dry for a second or two, then wipe it off with a paper towel! You can also use wet-erase markers, but I think they’re a pain to erase/clean since I always end up with ink on my hands.

    Sharpie also makes awesome colors that could allow you to color code your schedule – or just make for cute doodles when writing in a birthday, date night, etc.

    Hope you find this useful! – Jessica

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