First Birthday and World Problems

A few weeks ago we celebrated Dylan’s first birthday and for months I planned, pinned and thought about this thing. I wanted Dylan’s first birthday to be unforgettable. I mean after all it’s his very first birthday and the start of a day that I want to feel magical, exciting and oh so very fun for him. Going in, I knew he was too little to really enjoy it but through my rose colored glasses (which I always seem to look at life through) I thought he would open his gifts, get jiggy with his smash cake and stay awake with a smile for 4+ hours. But no…hello… Earth-to-Jamie… he’s a baby and babies do what they want, when they want. The problem here was my expectations and what I like to call #firstworldproblems. Sure, my Pottery Barn Kids Catalog birthday party didn’t go as I expected but for the maximum amount of time possible, Dylan had a blast and got to celebrate with those that love him to pieces… what more can ya ask for…?

Maybe happy birthday pictures? Ok, I’m stopping now. Repeat it with me… “No expectations!”, “No expectations!”


Ok, back to the party. So I love feedin’ people, and sure I could’ve totally simplified this, but when friends and family drive hours for a 1 year old’s party, you just gotta feed them. So with a little help from my BFF who has no idea we’re actually best friends, Ree,… wait we’re probably not on a first name basis yet as she doesn’t even know I exist even though we hang out every Saturday morning. Weird, right? Ok, I’m rambling. Starting over now… So with a little help from the good ol’ Pioneer Woman recipes, I spent the entire morning cooking whipped up cheeseburger sliders, grilled chicken sliders, cheesy potato casserole (sans peppers), potato salad, pb & j’s + goldfish, corn on the cob, and watermelon. And if was deeeeelish, if I can say so myself. Always a good sign when people leave asking for a copy of a recipe.

In the party chaos, I took one picture of the food and it happened to be while 80% of it was in the oven warming.  #firstworldproblems


Since I knew it was going to be hotter than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike out and that most of the party would likely happen inside and within our dining room, I decided to move some of my dishes from our china cabinet and use it to showcase Dylan’s monthly photo shoot and a time capsule for friends and family to write him a note with some life advice to be opened on his 18th birthday. I then took all of the notes and placed them in a envelope within his baby book. I think this is going to be really special to read when he is 18! I mean that is if friends and family wrote sweet and inspirational messages, which I wouldn’t know, because there’s no way I would read those before putting them in his baby book. I mean who would do that…?



But the party happening inside did mean that no one was able to enjoy the 95 degree day outside and this wonderful world of gingham I created. again, #firstworldproblems


On to the other highlights… there was one oh-so-sweet moment of this:


And 15 moments of this. So I ended up sitting in a toddler’s bean bag chair and opening gifts. This isn’t what you guys came here for? oh, my bad.


There was a lot of feeling the cake and not a lot of smashing. Perhaps it was the crazy helicopter parents circling him like hawks. Note to self… back the funk up. Yes, I just said that. It’s my 10 year old way of getting away with cussing. I kind of secretly miss that word.


And then finally while sipping a much deserved adult beverage at the beautiful tables no one sat at, I snapped this precious photo of my boy enjoying a birthday present, ahhhhhh Smile




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  1. My son just had his 1st birthday also. His party went well, but didn’t go as perfect as I would like. I’ve learned to just go with it. I enjoyed time with family and that’s what really matters.

  2. This is really cute – ha! I always wonder why parents make such a big deal out of first birthday’s when baby is sure not to remember. HOWEVER, we are expecting our first little one and I am sure that once *he* turns one I will be the exact same way – wanting everything just right! =]

  3. This is so cute. I probably would have been the same way with my (now) two-month old but i’m so glad i read this! During my pregnancy and the first month i had so many expectations and fantasies of the way things would go. It’s good to just understand it’s going to go how it goes so no worries! Beautiful party though!

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