Hidden Baby Storage


It’s fall around here y’all and as soon as the pumpkin spice lattes and Yankee candles hit the shelves, I go goo goo about decorating with leaves, sticks, pumpkins and pretty much anything with an orangish, brownish, yellowish hue. However, we’ve had a lot of super colorful baby stuff laying around and I’ve recently learned that the only thing “baby” that goes with my beloved fall color scheme, is well… quite stinky.  And yes… I totally understand that scattered colorful toys comes with all that sweet baby goodness but until our playroom is complete I’ve desperately needed a way to tame my inner OCD clean freak and somehow conceal the chaos unraveling in our living room.

So by looking at the picture below, would you guess I also have all of Dylan’s supplies and toys we keep downstairs somewhere?


Yep, it’s all neatly tucked away in that pie safe cabinet! I absolutely love this solution because it allows me to seasonally decorate the top of the cabinet, while using the drawers and shelves for oodles of storage. And you’re probably asking yourself “why is this crazy chick storing baby stuff in her dining room? but it actually makes perfect sense with our downstairs floor plan, which is almost completely open. The pack-in-play changing table separates the living room (where we play) from the kitchen/breakfast nook.

IMG_3479    IMG_3480


So in the left drawer I decided to make a home for all the small baby stuff – pacifiers, bibs (which Jer calls capes?!), extra mini bottles of hand sanitizers for his diaper bag, and misc. carseat/highchair parts.

In the right drawer, I have a few burp clothes, receiving blankets and a few outfits in case when we have a poopisodes downstairs.


I know the stuff in the top shelf bins will change as Dylan gets older but right now I’m storing his bath supplies, diapers and wipes in them. Again, since this cabinet is so close to the kitchen (where we bathe him) it’s perfect for storing his towels, soaps, etc. and since it’s also so close to where we change him while downstairs, it makes the perfect spot for extra diapers & wipes.

On the bottom shelf, I just have a few toys. Dylan is only 12 weeks, so I totally know this will overflow with toys in no time… but until he needs more than his hands for entertainment, it works!


So how are you guys storing/hiding all those toys and baby butt stuff?

And I just have to leave you with this. Happy Fall y’all from my punkin to yours! Smile




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  1. Such a cute idea. Our little guy was 3 months on September 25th, so we’re just ahead of you. We have a very cute jj coke diaper caddy which lives in the living room and we store toys in a pretty basket from a discount store. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that accumulates!

  2. Hey there Jamie! I just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I will definitely follow you now as you seem very organized, calm, cool, collected, etc. I have an 8-wk old but because of my two older kids, I feel like a 1st time mom all over again and live to read others’ tales for inspiration. Check out my blog, too, and let’s network!

    1. Thanks Laurie! Yes and unfortunately this system only lasted for a few months. Now that Dylan is crawling, there are toys everywhere. I’m learning to live with it… 😉

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