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Trunk Organizer

By now you know that I love me some organized spaces. Something about everything having its own home and dedicated space just makes me ocd-giddy. But it’s not just about putting all your junk in a bin… it’s about strategically putting what you need, where you need it, and if it happens to be in fabulous bin, well then that’s just a double whammy!

And trust me, having what you need, where you need it, can absolutely help de-stress your life. There is nothing more stressful than a screaming baby in your backseat who decided to decorate his carseat with his poop. Oh wait.. there is something more stressful… it’s realizing that you don’t have any more diapers or wipes in your diaper bag to clean it up. Yeah, that would be my first and nowhere near my last total parenting fail. But ya live and ya learn… and then you stock pile your car with your mom tools. And immediately after this poopisode, I did just that and struck gold with this Laura Ashley Trunk Organizer that I found on Zulily for $15 bucks, although you can also get it via Amazon for $25.

So for my swagger-wagon, I decided that extra diapers and wipes were a must! I also like to tote around some extra paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, stroller blanket and flashlight. I also seem to be hording reusable grocery bags, so I thought this would also be a good home for them as well. Ewww, so I saw a stat last week that said 80% of peeps don’t clean their bags.. and grosso me being part of that stat, had to immediately wash them. Do it people… leaky chicken juice is straight up nasty.


So here’s the bin all loaded up, with room to spare! I think I’m totally preparing for the stinky, sticky toddler I’m soon to have Smile


My favorite part is the Velcro on the bottom of the bin. Even with my crazy driving, this bad boy is staying put!




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  1. Jamie,
    I found your blog about a month ago, and have been checking it ever since! I am expecting a little boy in November, and am so excited to see you posting baby tips and info! I absolutely love this idea for the car…I might just have to make a bin like this myself pre-baby (one can never be too prepared right? :))

  2. I’m due with our first baby any day now and so excited to have your site to browse. I’m a sucker for storage and organization, and I have a feeling I’ll be back here many times as I start to deal with all the baby gear!

  3. Jaimie-

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Please keep posting pictures and details of how you organize your home. I just ordered my Laura Ashley trunk organizer and can’t wait to fill it up! Right now, it’s going to be an emergency kit to get through this winter, then change it to baby gear in Jan. when we have our baby boy! Thanks again <3 <3


    1. Thanks so much Wendy! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’m still adjusting to being a working mama and wanna-be blogger. What do you think of the Laura Ashley trunk organizer? I’m still loving mine, although it sometimes gets in the way with the stroller.

  4. I found your blog via Pinterest and am an instant admirer! My baby girl is one month today, and I registered for many of your “must haves” and am so glad I did! We love the rock and play, and the Aden and anais swaddle blankets are great! I look forward to following your future posts! Oh and I just started pumping in preparation for returning to work and I love the storage idea for breast milk! Genius. Thank you for sharing. Please keep it up.

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