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If I had a nickel for everything I didn’t know about babies, I’d be one rich lady. Before Dylan, I had literally been around one baby – my precious niece, Kaitlyn. So when it came time to register for and buy baby stuff, I was pretty clueless. Needless to say, we got and bought a ton of stuff… some we’re loving and can’t live without and some we’ve turned into dog toys. I wish I could make you one of those awesome Target back to school commercials detailing this list, que the “backpackkkkkks!” but I’m just not that cool, so here’s my “Love it” and “Gotta have it” list of infant stuff. The Gotta have it list are seriously things I couldn’t live without now.

Oh and please take this post for what it is – just one new mama’s (with limited baby exposure!) favorite baby stuff!  I’m by no means a baby expert, I just know what makes me and my 8 week old baby boy happy!


  •             Aiden

    Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets 

    Soft, light and super versatile! I typically use these for swaddling and cuddling, but I’ve also used as a nursing cover and even a burp cloth from time to time. I’ve even found myself sleeping with these… without Dylan!


    Chicco KeyFit 30 Cortina Travel System

    Love everything about this car seat and it’s super easy to install / get in and out of the car.

    The stroller is also super nice and such a smooth ride. My only complaint here is storage… I can barely fit my diaper bag underneath sometimes, but I carry a ton of stuff around with me!


    Fisher Price Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

    Dylan LOVES this. We spend about 30 minutes everyday playing on it and he coos and smiles the entire time. We also do our Tummy Time on it because the mat is so soft.


    Fisher Price Infant Toddler Rocker

    This chair has been a lifesaver during dinner time and when I’m getting ready. It vibrates and keeps him entertained when I can’t hold him. I also love that it’s super light and I can tote it around the house with me.


    Baby Einstein Neptune Soother

    This is seriously cool. It attaches to the crib and plays soothing music, while little fish swim by. It also has a timer and remote so I can restart the music without coming into the room. Playing music from this toy is now part of our bedtime routine!


    Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow 

    I didn’t love this at first and still don’t think it’s as good as the BreastFriend pillow that I used while at the lactation consultant but it’s still a great pillow for nursing. I also love to prop Dylan up on it when we play or sit on the couch together.


    Ergo Baby Original Carrier

    I tried the Bjorn, the Boba and the Peanut Shell sling and although I like several things about each one, I LOVE the Ergo Baby carrier. It’s the most comfortable and feels the most secure. It’s also magical, as it literally puts Dylan to sleep in 2 minutes flat.

    Month Stickers

    I think these are such a cute way to capture your little one growing! There are tons of these on Etsy but this would also be a great DIY project!
  • gotta-have-it 


    The Miracle Blanket

    This is the one product that actually changed my life. It took Dylan from 2 hour sleep sprints to 5… instantly! I initially thought he didn’t like to be swaddled because he could get out of every blanket and SwaddleMe swaddle… but he cannot get out of this one! It’s also super easy to change his diaper in, as you don’t have to undo the arm swaddle to pull his legs out.


    Fisher-Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper

    Instead of a bassinet, we used this guy and Dylan loves it! He spits up a good amount, so this has been perfect at keeping him at an incline while he sleeps. It’s also super portable and lightweight. I’ve spent full nights rocking this sucker… I think I can do it in my sleep now!



    Fisher-Price Cradle Swing – My Little Snug-a-Bunny

    This is another Dylan favorite and basically his seat in our living room when we’re not holding him. What’s great about this is that it plugs into the wall (so no batteries!) and it has a great sound machine. I switch between the white noise and the lullaby. Jer and I joke that we now hear the lullabies from this even when it’s not playing. I even start humming them randomly.


    Medela Easy Expression Bustier

    What a LIFE SAVER this has been. So I’m working on another post about my breastfeeding drama/journey, but basically I was nursing AND pumping 8 times a day and having my hands free for the pumping part was so very helpful. If you plan to pump, this is a MUST!


    Gas Drops 

    Watching Dylan fight gas pains is probably worse on me than the actual gas is on him. These gas drops are amazballs…. nuff’ said.


    Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

    Jer did a lot of research on baby monitors and claims this has the best product reviews and after using it, I’m hooked! Talk about peace of mind… being able to watch my little guy sleep and even zoom in to see him breathe has been so comforting! I also love that I can talk to Dylan and play music through it.


    Graco Pack n’ Play with Napper & Changer

    I know I featured this in my baby organizing post, but this has seriously become the downstairs “baby station”. It’s where we change him and store burp clothes, blankets, the diaper bag, etc. It’s been so nice to have one spot downstairs where we store all his stuff!


Ok… enough of my favorites, what baby products are you loving?!



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  1. We love the sleep sheep that plays different sounds. We have found the rain sound works best for us! Also the kimono wrap onsies so we don’t have to always put it over babies head!

  2. Hey, I’m Nichole. I found your blog through Pinterest and started reading and realized we have babies almost the same age! Evan is 6 weeks old, born 7/19! Also, we have many of the same baby things including an ultrasound picture frame that says Love at First Sight which I think I see in one of your pictures.. lol.
    Evan LOVES his Snugabunny swing as well but heads up, the motors are notorious for dying quickly. Ours is already going and it is only a month old! But I have heard that at least one person was able to get a free motor replacement from Fisher Price so I guess I will be calling customer service soon.
    Other items I love/gotta have: Diaper genie, Moby wrap, and baby mittens. Also, I tried the Medela hands free pumping bra and it was very uncomfortable so I got the Simple Wishes one and I LOVE IT! It’s very soft and has removable straps that makes it easier for me to put on. I pump exclusively so I’m wearing the thing every 2 hours, 24 hours a day! I sometimes sleep in it to make nighttime pumps easier. Also, have you ever heard of Booby Tubes? They are like round bean bags that you heat in the microwave and put on sore boobies. They feel AWESOME and they help with let down. Then, when you’re ready to wean or stop pumping you can put them in the freezer and use them as cold compresses!
    One more thing: I don’t know if you’re using bottles at all but Evan had a lot of trouble with ‘slow flow’ nipples in the beginning. The milk came out too fast and he choked a lot. I tried the Tommee Tippie and the Medela ones but the only ones that worked were the Playtex wide base slow flow. Pair them with the Vent Aire bottles and we have perfection!

  3. I would love to have the Snuggabunny swing but its not in the budget right now! I have the Simple Wishes pumping bra and love it as well! Gut Ias drops don’t help my baby girl but I have a clay heating pad that I warm up in the microwave and that REALLY helps!! This is also the first baby that I’ve used the Moby wrap with and I LOVE it! I found out how to nurse discretely and HANDS FREE which is awesome when I’m shopping!

  4. I haven’t had my son yet but I am already in love with our diaper bag. It’s already packed!!! haha Only 8 weeks left until I am considered “full term”. My fiance wanted something manly, so he chose the Eddie Bauer Adventurer Field Bag, and it is AMAZING. This bag has a ton of pockets perfect for anything baby sized, and the quality is so great that I am sure long after we don’t need a diaper bag it will become a very helpful overnight/carry on bag.

    I am also really excited about the sling I got at a consignment store. I just couldn’t see paying 60$ for a piece of fabric with 2 metal rings on it. And since I don’t have a sewing machine to make one I just went bargain hunting. I found the exact one I wanted for 10$. woo!!

  5. Careful w/ the Rock and Play. They are NOT for sleep and I have heard are about to be recalled due to suffocations. I had a baby boy 7/14! Your man is so cute.

  6. I had my son in late-July and I agree with your favorite items! I own almost everything on this list. I also wanted to let you know that your breastfeeding drama sounds like mine. I was in the pumping 8x/day club and I’m so happy that it all worked out. My baby is now 5.5 months old and we’re still nursing. It’s much easier now.

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