Organizing like Martha

We all know Martha Stewart’s got it going on. She can cook, decorate, garden and organize like a champ. So when I recently came across her office supply line at Staples, I wasn’t the least bit surprised that it was umm… fabulous.  I went in for some metal bookplates for our Linen Closet Makeover (which I can’t wait to show you guys later this week) and came out with half her collection… mostly because it seemed like really great quality but I think it also has something to do with the fact that it’s all teal – my fav. And hold the big spenda jokes as the most expensive piece I brought was the binder, which was only $12.99.

So, what the heck am I going to do with all these labels, you may be thinking? Why organize and label the crap out of my house, of course… especially while I’ve got a fully supply of this nesting crack pumping through my veins.

Martha Stewart Office Organization

So here’s my plan for putting all of Martha’s office goodies to the test:

Martha Stewart Binder

My goal is to turn this beauty into a “home command center” binder. Jeremy and I are famous for throwing all of our mail and important docs into a bin on our kitchen counter or into the junk drawer… which then I don’t file until months later. So to squash this habit, I’m hoping to build a binder that serves as a one stop shop for everything we need quick access to – weekly meal plan, important numbers, schedules, etc.

Martha Stewart Binder

source: staples

Adhesive Metal Bookplates

I’m putting these bad boys to action on new bins that I recently got to help organize our linen closet… which let me tell you, was one hot mess. Be prepared to judge me when you see the disaster I’ve been hiding in this closet. I deserve it.

Martha Stewart Office

Cord Tags

I desperately need these as I have a bin of cords that I have no clue what they go to. Seriously, every time I want to charge my little dirt devil to clean my car, I spend at least 10 minutes testing cords and cussing!

Martha Stewart Organize
Chalkboard Labels

OK, OK, I guess I really didn’t need these but they’re super cool, so I splurged. I have big plans for these in the kitchen!

Martha Stewart Organize

Stick on Labels

Nothing fancy here… umm except for the oval size and teal border. I’m planning to show the 10 bins in our bathroom some love with these. Jer is always picking on me for labeling obvious things (like a clear container of flour… guilty!) but with tall bins that are stored above eye level… labels are 100% required. right?

Martha Stewart Organize

Alrighty guys, I gotta get busy. Check back later this week to see how I’ve put each of these in action! Oh and as a disclaimer, you guys know I’m suppose to give birth to this haus of a baby boy anyday now… so no news (or update on how I’m labeling Smile) is good news!


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  1. I’m on pinterest planning my daughters 2nd b-day party and get side tracked with your blog. I love your organizing skills! I also love Martha. I’m organized but not as much as you. I had plans to label everything in my home Martha style but never got a chance. I’m inspired!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

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