Nesting… not just for the birds


Holy smokes, this nesting situation is outta control y’all. Is there ever a reason to clean my oven, refrigerator and completely organize everything “baby” in one afternoon… all while 37 weeks pregnant? Umm, that’d be a no. I’m suppose to be sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and enjoying this peace and quiet that everyone and their mama has told me that I’ll never experience again. Not on my feet and knees, telling oven grease and dust bunnies to “say my nammmme, say my nammmme!”

Although I’m exhausted and swollen from the organizing mayhem of this weekend, I did have a moment where I visualized myself (yes, as a bird), sitting on my newly constructed nest and letting out a big “ahhhhhh”, because I knew that my baby (bird, in this example) would have a clean, comfortable and organized space to come home to. I’ve gotta give my man Jesus a big shout out for this boost of energy and nesting instinct that hits us pregnant women during the final weeks. I mean how else would one’s oven get cleaned and closets organized? And if your answer to that question is “my husband”, I just laughed out loud.

So as I enter my final weeks of being exhausted, mean, cranky, and borderline miserable pregnant, my main goal has been to get the house and all of Dylan’s stuff uber organized, so that when we bring him home, we can 100% focus on him and all his baby goodness (I’m jaded, I know) vs. moments of “where are the diapers, soothies, bottles and bibs!” Usually, I’ll just attack an organization project head on, but for this one I really wanted to think about how to organize in a way that would really make our lives easier. So although this isn’t “baby tested, mama approved” yet, here’s how I approached it:

Nursery Closet – Originally this closet only had one rack across the top and although I think we’re cookin’ a pretty large fella, baby stuff is small, so that just wasn’t going to cut it. So we installed a pretty simple closet system that I got from Wal-Mart and added some cute bins. And since I washed everything in this closet with Dreft, I can frequently be found sitting in front of it, just a huffin’ in that sweet baby smell. Suppose there are worse things to huff than baby clothes…

Organized Baby Closet

Ok, ok… sure you could just peek in the bins to see what they’re packing, but to make life easier, and ensure Jer knows where everything is, I added a few labels.

Organized Nursery

Again, not yet “baby tested, mama approved”, but I think these clothing size organizers are going to be super helpful, especially since whoever determines the size of baby clothes these days is definitely huffing something a little stronger than Dreft. I’ve got a few newborn onesies that I guarantee Dylan’s head won’t fit through. And… que the “that baby is not gonna be wearing newborn clothes” comments that I keep getting. Yes, I’m huge. We know this.

Also, since I’ve become the dooms day prepper of burp clothes, I thought these guys should have their own little labeled home as well. No clue why I feel the need to hoard these, but I do.

Organized Nursery

Organized Nursery

Aside from a super organized closet, I also thought it would be helpful to have organized “stations”. For the changing area in Dylan’s room, I made the top drawer of his dresser the diaper station and used some nifty drawer organizers from Wal-Mart to sort all of his baby butt and grooming stuff.


Diaper Storage

And so we’re not constantly running up the stairs like crazy people, with poop and pee on us (although I might pay to see Jer like this once), I also decided to setup a changing station downstairs. Since we bought the one pack-n-play that doesn’t come with a built in storage system (DOH!), we got this diaper attachment from Amazon that clips right to the side.

Pack-n-Play Diaper Storage

I actually think this one might be more useful than the built-ins, because we can actually see when supplies is low and it has several compartments for his stuff that Bo can’t jump up and steal.

Diaper Depot

Finally and probably the most difficult to make room for, was a kitchen cabinet for Dylan’s bottles & bottle cleaning kit, eating utensils and eventually food. Although we’re going into this thing with our breastfeeding flag flying, we’ve been given several tins and bottles of formula, so they got their own bin too.

Bottle Storage

So I think we’re finally ready to do this. Now if I could just be as mentally prepared. I just started reading “The Happiest Baby on The Block” yesterday, so at least we’re making some progress in that department Smile

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  1. You are so amazing! I’m so proud of you. Everything looks SO cute and I’m so excited for Dylan to be here finally! Hope you are taking care of yourself, see you soon 😉 😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks girl! I’m so excited for him to be here too!!! He was already 6lbs 9oz last week, so shouldn’t be much longer!

    2. Where did you get the dresser organizers?! I have been hunting high & low for them for weeks now & can’t find them anywhere :(

  2. Just came across your blog through the organizing link up :). You are so prepared! Congratulations on your little boy on the way!! My little boy is 19 months now…I was totally not prepared haha! Those Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best and I will say that I used a ton of burp cloths so I’m right there with ya. I felt like he spit up all of the time! Excited for you!!

    1. Thanks Megan!!! I feel very very physically prepared but is it normal to feel very unprepared mentally??? I haven’t been around a lot of babies, so I’m just not sure what to expect.

      Good to hear Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best! They look a little harder to clean than other bottles but a nurse in one of the baby classes we took, said these were the best for preventing gas.

      I just checked out your blog and love that the first thing I read was about your love for God :) I definitely share that love and will be reading! Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Hi! I love this! I’m dying to get my house better organized, so I will probably start following your blog :). Thanks for all of the tips! Congrats on your baby Dylan! I can’t wait until you can experience him, it’s so wonderful. Our baby is 7+ months already, so hard to believe! One quick question- where do you buy size organizers? I love them!

    1. Hey Kim,

      Thank you so much for commenting – you made my day! Its comments like yours that make me love blogging even more. I’m so glad you’re going to follow – if you enter your email address in the “Subscribe” section on the right panel, my blog will send you an email every time it’s updated.

      I can’t believe Dylan will be here in just 3 weeks – it’s so surreal. We are going into this parenting thing so very blind, so would love any tips you have for surviving the first few weeks – which I hear are the hardest.

      Oh and to answer your question about the sizing organizers – I got them from Walmart as part of a nursery storage set: For $30 you get 2 large bins, 3 small bins, really nice huggable hangers, a shoe organizer and the sizing organizers. Although I think that’s a pretty good deal, I’ve also seen some bloggers make them out of cardboard and scrapbook paper!

      Thanks again for the kind words. Have a great day!!!


  4. Very impressed by your neat organization of your son’s room. If only we had been as neatly organized when my son was born. I look forward by using your example for our next child. Best of Luck!!!

  5. The Happiest Baby worked for us! I mean to a T. I read it while pregnant, and ended up reading it again after my daughter arrived! AND IT WORKED!!
    Your organization is impressive!! It looks great and his clothes are precious! I know you must be excited!!

    1. Thanks Katie – I’m so very excited! I’m also so glad to hear that Happiest Baby worked for someone. The whole concept about the 4th trimester makes a lot of sense, so I’m excited to try out the soothing tactics with baby Dylan! I think the sling/wrap that I just got for him/us might help with this too – did you use these? were they helpful?

  6. Love the ideas, especially the drawer! Thanks for sharing!

    Rent the DVD Happiest Baby on the Block! It is a great follow up to the book and really shows him using his techniques in action. We rented it off Netflix! Loved loved loved his theories in the book! He is a baby genius! :)

    1. Thanks Erin! My husband and I were just talking about the book and both said we wished he had visuals with it to explain how to do each step. Thanks so much for the recommendation – we will definitely be renting that ASAP!!!

  7. Happiest Baby on the Block is amazing and really works! You have to try a few different techniques to figure out what your baby responds to best but once you find the right combination it’s a life saver and it’s amazing how quickly they calm down. My son loved being swaddled and to be in his swing :)

    I have a similar changing table in my sons room and ended up getting a basket to put to the right of the changing pad and putting a box of wipes & diapers for easy/fast access. It was quicker than open up the drawer every time, and I store the extra’s in the top drawer and refill the basket from there. It has definitely made things easier for us.

    I really enjoy your blog

    1. Thanks Nena! Good idea on the basket for easy/fast access. I currently just have a lamp and frame at the end of the dresser but if opening the drawer gets annoying, I will definitely be trying out a basket.

  8. I never thought my kid would wear those newborn clothes either, but even though he came out at 8lb 3oz, he still wore them for quite a while! (nb diapers too!)

    Great oranazation tips. I am pretty sure the only way to survive the 1st year (or 18) is to be organized and consistant with where you put things. Especially pacis. Have 3 in every room! And maybe one around your neck :) They seem to all disappear as soon as you need one!

    Good luck with the new boy! Mine is the coolest thing to ever happen to me.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I think I’ll also pack a newborn homecoming outfit in our bag, just in case he can actually fit in it. Dr. says we’re targeting a 9+ lb baby, but we’ll know for sure very soon :)

  9. I just had my third baby two weeks ago and I also went through mega nesting prior to! It is so nice to have my pantry organized and my garage cleaned and organized and we even made a lot of freezer meals for those nights someone doesn’t bring us food or we have no energy for cooking. I think your setup is VERY practical…good planning as first time mama! Good luck and congratulations!!

  10. I found you on pinterest and love your organizing!! I have to reorganize every week. My toddler seems to find something new she can’t live without. This weekend we are on a mission to lock down toilet paper rolls!! Now, about Happiest Baby on the Block, you have to get the DVD! My husband and I bought it for our daughter and thought it was a little crazy, but it works like magic. We rewatched the DVD when our “bonus” (surprise seems mean) son showed up 15 months later and again, magic! I now have a 21month daughter and 6 month old son who are super cool. I also just bought Happiest Toddler on the block last week and am praying for the magic to work again :). I will look for our copy of the DVD and if I find it I would love to pay it forward and send to you. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much, Cristen! We’ll see how organized I can keep this place once Dylan arrives… :) I’m so glad to hear that Happiest Baby worked for you guys – we’re super excited to test out the soothing tactics. And thank you so much for the DVD offer, but we actually just ordered it as we heard the visuals are really helpful and we’ve been having trouble completely understanding it in the book – likely because we don’t have a baby to test it out on yet :) Thanks again and hope Happiest Toddler works out – let me know how it goes!

  11. I came across your blog in Pinterest and I am so glad I did! I am only 10 weeks along with my first baby, but I definitely want to be organized too! And not just for the baby, but my house could use some more organization as well. Thanks for the inspiration! I will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  12. Jamie – I came across your blog on Pinterest and LOVE your organization! I went through nesting pretty much my entire pregnancy and am so glad I did. It really helps, but I find that every few weeks I end up going through baby stuff again because they change so quickly. I can’t believe I am pulling out my daughter’s “6 month” clothing bag at 4 months old. Congratulations to you and all my best! I wanted to ask you where you found the red baskets you have in your kitchen cabinets – that is my current organization struggle – bottles, parts, food, etc.

  13. We moved when I was 36 weeks pregnant and I was organizing up until he was born. Definitely worth it. I love having my super organIzed nursery (similar to what you did).

    Also, I thought my baby would never fit into some of these clothes. He’s four weeks old (8lbs11oz at birth) and still only wearing the smallest newborn clothes and newborn diapers.

    1. Wow – moving at 36 weeks pregnant… I bet that was tough! Thanks so much for the advice on the newborn clothes and congrats on your little guy :)

  14. Frist of all I want to say I love all the organizing tips. Im expecting my second baby this december and my Oldest daughter is only 9 months old this month so I will be turbo cleaning and organizing a shared bedroom for them and I will definatly be using your tips.
    Second in your picture I saw you had Dr. Brown bottles, we started useing them with our daughter but sadly the newer soft kind of opaque plastic bottles ( that you have pictured) developed a strange ordor after about a month of use. We were also super cleaning them because of all the parts, even after a soak in bleach water to sanitize they still retained this smell. We had some that were older that were a clear very hard plastic that never ended up having this issue, but unfortunatly we only like 2 of these. But I wish you luck with them, maybe we just got a weird batch of bottles or something.
    Good Luck with your new baby!

    1. Thanks Allie! Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Dr. Brown bottles, but thanks for letting me know. We’re still about a week out from having Dylan, so I’ll test ours out very soon!

  15. I love these organizational tips! Our daughter is due in a month and I am starting my nesting! We bought the closet organizer and works awesome! I am trying to find the drawer storage dividers on walmarts website and can’t seem to find the fabric ones you have. What are they called? The look perfect for inserts and I don’t want to buy the hard plastic ones I am finding.


    1. Thanks Robin and congrats on your baby girl! I can’t seem to find them on Walmart’s website either anymore. I even logged in to see if it was still in my order history but it’s no longer there. Sorry! I’ll keep an eye out for them and let you know If I see any others.

  16. Great blog, just stumbled across this post on Pinterest! I have two questions for you if you don’t mind me picking your brain…. 1) Where did you find that closet organizer system at? 2) What kind of changing pad/cover did you get and are you happy with it? Does it slide all over the dresser? Thanks a bunch and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. Hey Andrea! I got both the closest organizer system and the blue bin set from Walmart. Since I’m still a week out from having Dylan (ekkk! that’s so exciting to say) I haven’t tested the changing pad yet but we installed ours to the dresser with a strap and screw that came with it. We got both the changing pad and the cover from Babies R Us. The cover is super duper soft, so I definitely recommend it! Hope this helps :)

  17. I have been looking for baskets for our new additions bottles, etc. and have yet to find anything I like that doesn’t cost a fortune. Where did you find the red baskets to fit in your cabinets?

  18. Girlfriend, you make all us mommas PROUD! What a fantastic job you have done in preparing for your little one! Everything looks terrific, and I LOVE the labeling of the items that have a tendency to end up lost and in a jumble with baby socks. Socks . . . that one did me in with my two girls. Hopefully, you have a plan for socks, because otherwise, you’ll find a newborn sock in a vase one day and it’s partner will be in the creases of the couch, along with a paci!
    Best of luck with the little man! We are expecting our own little boy in October, and I have just started planning his room . . . you’ve inspired me to get moving!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle and congrats on your little boy! No plan for socks yet (aside from a bin), so I’ll have to figure that one out soon :)

  19. Great job Jamie! We also have our son’s room upstairs and the living area on the lower level, so I understand having to have nearly two of everything. Our son was such a heavy drooler and had acid reflux, so we ended up screwing some hooks inside the kitchen pantry to hang up his 20+ bibs and make them easy to change out quickly.

  20. Great post! Good luck with your imminent bundle of joy. :) You look super organized and as ready as you can be.

    Here is my two cents, based on 23 months of baby girl goodness:

    I think I see two laundry baskets in the first picture and I definitely recommend it if not. We labeled one for her regular laundry and one for items that need pre-treating. So many stains!

    Yes, the socks start missing their partners very fast and there are so many tiny socks to lose! So we have started using the photo hanging line and hooks from IKEA; it’s above the changing table, which also can make for a nice distraction during diaper changes. :)

    LOVE the size markers for the closet. However, we found that one company’s idea of “3 to 6 months” did not match another’s so you may end up sorting more by a visual assessment than by the labels they provide. Why all companies don’t just use a weight-based system for the first few years is beyond me as there is such a huge range of what is considered normal!

    Yes, you cannot have enough burp clothes and baby blankets, the thin kind especially. Your changing pad cover looks lovely but they can get messed up really fast and it is nice to have something else to quickly throw over the pad while you wait to catch up on laundry.

    Speaking of laundry, I also recommend the fold-up drying racks and the fold-up “Octopus” hook hanger from IKEA, too.

    I love the pack ‘n’ play attachment you found; much better than the standard.

    We love our Dr. Brown’s and we haven’t had the smell issue another family posted about but I do recommend the tiny pipe-cleaner type tool they sell to get into the nooks and crannies.

    Dr. Karp’s DVD is awesome and I liked most of his toddler book, too, but the best birth prep book I read was Birthing from Within. Some of the activities may not suit you but the core message of “birth is hard work but you can do it” was just perfect and WAY less scary than all the other birth books out there, which seem to focus on what can go wrong.

    Give yourself plenty of time to practice breastfeeding and don’t worry if you supplement with formula; you won’t “ruin” breastfeeding if you do both but it can take a while for both of you to get the hang of it. If you don’t have one already, go get a Boppy or Breast Friend to support the baby while he’s eating. Get two if you can afford it and lots of extra covers. :) Makes it much easier on your back.

    Lastly, take lots of pictures and videos. Before you know it, he’ll be walking and talking and you will kind of miss the newborn you once had. :}

    Wow, that was a lot of “two cents”. Sorry! 😛 Enjoy!

      1. Yeah, that was a lot of response, wasn’t it? :} I think we both have that thing where we keep track of good ideas in the back of our heads. Plus I absolutely LOVE talking to other new moms and sharing tips. Your blog is great and I’m wishing you well in your new adventure!

  21. If you haven’t found the Happiest Baby DVD yet, search YouTube as there are quite a few clips on there of Dr. Karp and his techniques!

        1. Hey Tifany! So sorry for not getting back to you sooner – been crazy busy with my newborn! I got the changing table off Amazon but I also saw it on The brand is Status Milcroft.

  22. Jamie-

    I came across your wonderful organization via Pinterest and I just love everything you have done! I am extremely organized as well and I appreciated all of the tips you have for baby organization. I see that you are getting close you having your baby, so congratulations! I had one quick question for you if you get a chance- I was wondering if you could post a link to the drawer organizers you found at Walmart. I have been looking like crazy to find those same ones and cannot find them anywhere! I would appreciate the help and good luck during your last few weeks of pregnancy :)


    1. Thanks so much Courtney! I’ve been searching Wal-Mart’s website and can’t seem to find those organizers anymore. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I find any close to it.

  23. My daughter is four and a half months, and I sure do wish I’d had a nesting urge like yours! For some reason, mine only went as far as getting food frozen or canned (and yes, I was pressure canning at 9 mos pregnant! What a hot endeavor).

    I’m chagrined to admit that the cabinet for baby in the kitchen has never before occurred to me – what a great idea! I’m still breastfeeding, and pumping at the office, and her bottles and my pump parts just kind of stay in limbo on my Grass drying rack. Going to go home and find a spot for them tonight!

    And, I have to second the basket-on-changing-table suggestion. Although everything has to get put in lidded containers at night (because of our marauding, naughty dog who counter and table surfs), I often leave a few diapers and the wipes on the changing pad. The other thing that has made my life SO, SO much easier is a 3-pack of Boppy changing pad covers. They’re just basically vinyl-backed towels that you put on top of the changing pad, so if he pees or poops on it, you can whisk it away into the wash and not have to wash the whole cover. Can’t recommend them enough.

    Have fun with your little guy!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! Although I’ve been organizing like crazy, I haven’t frozen a single meal, so I’m super jealous of your type of nesting. I’m really hoping my husband is going to cook for us… but that likely means lots of take out in my future!

  24. Love all of this!! FWIW, I was HUUUGE huge huge. HUGE. Baby was 8 lbs 12 oz. She wore newborn clothes for over a month! So no worries, I bet you’ll get your use out of them 😉 <3

  25. Definitely love how you organized the closet. I’m going to try this. But where did you get the blue polka dot bins (baskets) for the burps, socks, etc… Also where did you get the closet dividers that say 0-3, 3-6 months???

  26. Jamie-

    I came across your amazing blog on Pinterest. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first, a little girl, and I am so inspired by your organization! I know you mentioned you bought the closet system at Walmart- do you have the link by any chance or could you please share the brand? Also, did you get the blue bins on the floor of the closet at Walmart too? My project this weekend is to finish organizing the closet in the nursery. Thanks so much for posting and good luck with your little boy!


    1. Thanks Isabel! I got both the closest organizer system and the light blue bin set from Wal-Mart:

      I highly recommend the light blue bin set as it comes with hangers, big and little bins and size organizers!

      The bins on the floor were gifts but I’m almost positive they both came from Target.

      Have fun organizing this weekend :)

  27. Love the closet! I have a 11 week old boy and I was semi-organized but no where near as great as you. We have the same pack & play and I think I’m about to hop on over to Amazon to get that organizer to hand off of it!

    Good luck with your boy, mine has been the biggest blessing! I’m breastfeeding and it is worth the “fight” at the beginning. After about 6 weeks I started pumping so daddy and grandma and whoever else could also feed him sometimes. I LOVE not having to clean bottles all day! haha we only use bottles MAYBE once a day but I do pump about twice a day and I complain about having to clean those 😛 I couldn’t imagine cleaning bottles from every feeding. We use Tommee Tippee but I’ve heard great things about Dr. Browns. Have fun with your new bundle of joy!

    1. Thanks Hillary! I’ll totally admit that I’m nervous about the “fight” but I’m going to give it my best shot. I’ve read so much about the benefits for him and me and the no bottle cleaning part has to be the cherry on top!

  28. Hi Jamie! I found your blog through pinterest. I’m also having a boy pretty soon and have been searching for a dresser I like everywhere with no luck. I’m hoping for solid wood for sturdiness without having a huge price tag. I love the look of yours (what I can see) and am curious where you got it?

    1. Hey Elle! I got the dresser from Amazon after finding it first on Google “Status Milcroft 3 Drawer Combo Dresser – Espresso” and there are several retailers selling it although it seems to be discontinued from It’s a great dresser, very good quality and very sturdy!

  29. Hi Jamie,

    I just stumbled across your blog through a Pinterest pin, and had to say you are my organizational hero! Your ideas are fabulous, and as a fairly new mom of an 18 month old, I also had to add my “mommy comments” and say that you are in for the best treat of your life with your new little one. Without getting too sappy, having a baby will be your life’s greatest achievement, and I can’t wait for you to experience the joy (and insanity!) that is being a mommy. And I give you major kudos for wanting to try nursing. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done to get the hang of it, but the most rewarding thing in the end. The best advice I ever received was to at least try to make it past 4 weeks if it comes as a struggle. I would have quit after 2 weeks if someone hadn’t encouraged me to set that goal for myself, and it was so worth it (We made it 13 months!).

    Cheers to your wonderful organization talent, because it will definitely come in handy!

    (P.S., You should definitely post a pic of the nursery after about month 1 and again after about month 12….I promise it won’t look like that for long :) Once they are mobile, it all goes out the window, but in the most “loved” kind of way. I’ve found that having diaper “stations” all over the house worked better for us then the changing table once our little girl could roll over. Once they are moving, it’s an Olympic event just trying to keep them on the table long enough to swap the diaper! They are freakishly strong!)

    1. Thanks so much Amy and sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I’ve had my hands full with my now 11 day old son!!! :) It is truly the best treat of my life and I never ever thought I could love something as much as I love him. Nursing is going great so far and I honestly think it’s all him. We’ve nailed the football position, so I think we’re going to stick with that one for a while.

      I will definitely post a picture of the nursery after a month… it’s already changed pretty drastically :)

  30. Hi, just jumped here from Pinterest. The closet looks great. I had three kids sharing one closet (triplets) and I found it helpful to have a box ready for mementos (hospital tags, little cards I may have wanted to keep). Also helpful, the bigger box for clothes I wanted to keep once they outgrew them. Otherwise, I kept setting them to the side, promising myself I would get to them and I never would. Finally, a bag/box for clothes the baby outgrows that you may want to donate. Congrats to you!

  31. OMG! I love your blog! I found it through Pinterest and it’s going to be such an awesome resource when I get closer to “nesting”. I’m 15 weeks pregnant now, and I’m so excited to eventually get the nursery ready and organized along with the rest of our house/life before the baby comes! Thank you so much!

  32. I came across your blog on Pinterest and am so in love with it! I am 32 weeks right now and have been on a crazy nesting/organizing binge lately also. I am so thrilled that you posted a picture of that organizer for the side of the Pack N Play. We have the same one and I have been trying to come up with a storage solution. Thanks! One of the things I did was hang one of those clear, over the door shoe bags on the inside of the closet. It’s the perfect place for spare pacifiers, hats, baby sunglasses, and all those other tiny baby things that become clutter. Best wishes with baby Dylan!

  33. Looks great! I want to see how you organized the rest of the changing table. What do you have on the side part of the dresser?

  34. I found you on pinterest. I’m going through the nesting thing but I’m also getting ready to move! So organizing everything has become a real challenge. So to help kick the nesting crazy I’ve been looking for ideas to try in the new home once we find one. This was really helpful!!!

    1. Moving while preggo must be hard but nesting is so fun! I miss it a little but now that I’m so busy with Dylan I’m so glad i took the time to get organized!

  35. omg i love your organized nursey its amazing i just found this and im sooo glad i did im 19 yrs old and im also married and we had a beautiful little girl and i went into labor 3weeks early if i carried my daughter full term she would have been a 10 pound baby lol she was born in may congrats on your lil one and i hope he brings joy and happiness in yalls lifes babies are miracles from God i wouldnt traded my daughter for anything i love her with all my heart and she has brought us happiness and joy and laughter and lots of tears of joy :)

  36. Woow this blew up my mind im 18 weeks and were finding out the sex of the baby in two weeks so its time to start getting stuff now i have sooo many ideas by looking at this Congrats on ur baby boy he’s going to be a happy baby!!

  37. Wanted to say that when I saw this… Blew my mind! Awesome just awesome!! My boy arrives in February and I’ve been working on getting everything ready. Get ideas and I am using alot of them! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks so much Kaitlin! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’m still adjusting to being a working mama and wanna-be blogger. Congrats on your little one!!!

  38. Could you please come to my house and do this?? Haha!
    I’m 35 weeks and the nursery is still just a storage room for the baby stuff :/ Bad, I know.
    This is the best organization I’ve seen yet! Love it! I’m now inspired!
    Congrats on the baby boy!!!

  39. I am just like all these other women, found your blog on pinterest. I have become almost obsessed just reading it. I am a very ocd person and this would just be awesome!

    On your smaller bins you have those labels, where did you get/how did you make them? I know my husband would love it if I could do that so he doesn’t have to ask me every single time where things go or where they are.

    I am so excited for this already! My little boy isn’t due for 5 more months but I am so ready (well, as ready as you be for your first child).

    My mom thinks I’m crazy cause I’ve pretty much got everything I need (minus stroller, pack n play, carseat) and I haven’t even had a baby shower yet.

    I just like to be prepared.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Emily! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’m still adjusting to being a working mama and wanna-be blogger :) The labels on the bins came from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples. Congrats on your little boy!!! :)

  40. I love how you smelled the clothes! There is nothing like the anticipation of your first baby! This gives every new mom reason to get her nesting gene in order an organize her nursery closet. Often times I’m asked at Big Baby Small Space what’s the one thing I can do to optimize my small nursery? I say take advantage of your nursery closet. Put a dresser in there. Get a DIY kit from any big box store like Home Depot or the Container Store. You don’t need a fancy customizable closet. But make sure whatever you get that those tiny clothes, oh gosh I remember that Dreft smell, only stay tiny for so long. Then your baby grows and the nursery closet should follow right along, adjusting easily.

  41. Found this on Pinterest. Wonderful job! I love this! Expecting my first in April and I’m a huge organization freak! We got the same pack n play and I was wondering what to do about the storage so I just ordered that container you posted from Amazon and I ordered drawer storage and did the drawer the way you have shown here and I love it. Closet is next. Thanks so much! Was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the prep for becoming a first time mom and these were very helpful tips on how to get the room under control.

  42. Hi : great post! I’m wandering where you found the red storage bins you use for feeding storage: very cute!

  43. Hi Jaime! Love your organizational skills!!! I’m 35wks & having a girl. I did her closet & did buy the pink Walmart closet organizer before I saw your blog. Love it! But where did you get those labels you attached to the bins? Did you buy or makes them & if so can you share? Thank you! Angela

    1. Thanks Angela and so sorry for not responding earlier! I got those labels from target last year. Pretty sure they were name tag stickers but they worked really well with these bins!

  44. Everything looks great! As I get closer to my due date I am getting excited about getting the nursery ready. I was wondering were did you get the drawer organizers?

  45. I’m with Angela….just curious to where you purchased the labels that you attached to the blue Wal-mart bins. :) Thanks.

    1. Hey there! Sorry for not responding earlier. I got those labels from target last year. Pretty sure they were name tag stickers but they worked really well with these bins!

  46. Hi Jamie,

    Thank goodness for Pinterest I came across your blog. I just signed up to follow you. I absolutely love your organizing ideas for the babies nursery. I will definitely be doing this in ours. Thanks for sharing the Wal-Mart Link for the closet organizer, I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks again for the awesome ideas and pictures!!!

  47. Congratulations! I just came across your blog and really like your post. I’m also admiring that besides pregnancy and all the organising you also had time to blog 😉 I’m now in week 15 and seems that I don’t only need to sleep, but still I don’t always find time to blog (looking for baby stuff is funnier, hi,hi,hi).

  48. I think your my Hero. We just found out we are pregnant after several years and I am supper excited to start organizing the our babies nursery already. I am a very organized person by nature and love all your ideas.

  49. I’m just entering my organization phase…I have 3 months until my due date. Found your post on Pinterest & am glad to see that I already did some of the things you thought of, too! Yay for organization!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  50. I just wanted to know where you got those red bins from your kitchen . I been looking for them everywhere and I can’t find nice ones like yours. Thank you

  51. Love the organizations tips but where did you find that dresser? We’re having trouble finding one to match our crib.

  52. We have that same dresser! What did you put in the tall drawer off to the right? We were planning on putting the diapers, wipes etc there but I loved how you put all that stuff in the top drawer.

  53. Hi….love the organization system you have here as I am trying to prepare for my second boy in the next month or so. Eventually we will have the two boys share a room…so Im having a hard time thinking of whats best. I will probably have a better idea once the baby arrives. Have you posted an updated picture of your nursery/organization system that is working for you? I would love to see it!!!!!

  54. Fabulous and helpful post. I am due with my first this June, so looking forward to that nesting period. You had me cracking up out load to consider the possibility of my husband being inspired to clean the oven and organize anything! Let’s face it, NEVER going to happen! I suppose that is what women are for, not matter what you think about gender roles. I will definitely start following and look forward to your posts!


  55. OMG thank you so much for posting this! My first baby is due in July and I’ve been STUMPED as to how to organize the closet. Seeing your closet helps me soooooo much. Thanks again!

  56. These are some great organizational ideas! I will definitely be stealing some, especially since our nursery is actually just the far corner of our bedroom (space is a little tight). Additionally, you should know you’re not alone in getting constant reminders that your baby will never fit infant clothes – I’ve been told multiple times that the doctors are wrong and I’m having twins. -_-

    Congratulations & good luck with your baby and thanks for the organizational tips!

  57. Awesome blog! Where did you get those great, small, cloth bins that are in the diaper drawer? Not sure what to even search when looking online! I tried typing in “bin” at and got 34 pages of “bins”, but none look small enough:( Same with the small red ones in your cabinet! Thanks!

  58. Love your tips! My baby boy is due in three weeks :-) What kind of bins did you use for your drawers? Are they still available at walmart?

  59. You’re absolutely amazing! For me that’s the perfect organization for a new baby, I’ve ever seen!When I was pregnant with my first child it was an absolute chaos around the house. I had no idea how to organize all the baby clothes i was given by sisters, cousins and friends and of course there were packages of diapers everywhere. Then when I gave birth everything fell into place somehow, but it was hard. Well now i have a second chance. I am expecting my second child in December and I’m doing the organization your way this time, so wish me luck. Thank you for the inspiration!

  60. Everything is so clean and tidy! You have amazing ideas! I want to see this part of the room so clean and organized but it is a real chaos. I think that with your advices I will be able to make it!

  61. Wow! Thanks for posting! We are working hard to get our baby’s room ready and to make the house baby proof! I’m so excited!! Only 20 weeks right now, but time is flying!

  62. Love the clear organizer attached to the pack and play!! I am so getting one of those! I am trying to get all that organizing down this month (month 7) so, we are prepared when our baby girl Lilly is ready to come into the world! Love everything you have done and will be stealing a lot of your organization ideas! Very happy for you! Thanks again! :)

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