Relay Foods is my new bff

Being the mama-to-be that I am, I’m constantly looking for new tools, apps, & websites to make my life easier, as I know it’s about to get super duper busy. But there are some necessary evils like emptying the dishwasher, washing clothes, and going to the grocery store that unfortunately someone still hasn’t figured out how to make an app do for us yet – trust me, I’ve searched. And of those three – going the grocery store tops my hate list because it’s literally an exhausting four step process: (1) planning whatcha gotta get (2) driving to multiple stores to get everything (3) SHOPPING for at least 30 minutes (4) driving home & putting it all away. Ugh… typing that made me tired. I can literally think of 1,765 things I’d rather do with this hour and from what I hear, once Dylan arrives, an hour back will be oh so needed.

So when my manager, Lisa, told me about a way to get all of my groceries (AND local produce!) without ever stepping foot in a grocery story, I just couldn’t believe it. I mean how could this exist and every Richmonder and their mama’s cousin’s pizza-boy not be using it? Could it really be this easy? I just had to find out!

Well the very next week I tried it and when I rolled up to the pick up location at my work, I saw this sign on the truck confirming just how easy it is: “Buy your groceries at Pick up your food here”. I think they need one more conversation bubble that reads “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy”… because that my friends is literally what this experience was like.


So here’s how my first Relay Foods shopping experience went down:

1. I started by meal planning. I’m a weekly shopper, so I plan out exactly what we’re having for dinner and then list out the ingredients for each dish separately. I also list out the the staples and stuff we need for breakfast and lunch. If I’m feeling froggy, I’ll also look up some new recipes and figure out what I need to make it happen.

2. I then went to and started searching for the items on my list. I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical that they wouldn’t have the brands I like or the processed foods I hold dear to my heart. The marketing is very local/organic/healthy focused – which don’t get me wrong, I totally dig and buy regularly, but I gotta show some love to my sugar coated cereals too. So I was pleasantly surprised when they had 99% of what I needed. The 1% missing was my favorite flavor of preggo pasta sauce, but I daringly tried a new flavor and actually really liked it.


3. After I added everything on my list to my cart, I simply reviewed my order, provided my information & pick up destination and clicked “order”. Within minutes I received an email confirmation of my order and reminder on when/where to pick up. Directly after checking out, I also had the option to save all of my recently purchased items to “my list”, so that next week’s order would be a breeze… and boy was it. Here’s a screenshot of the experience – all I had to do was hover over the item and increase each quantity to 1. There is also the option to refill automatically, but I just haven’t been able to commit to that level of our relationship yet… Smile


4. Then on Monday around 5pm, I simply swung by the pick up location at my work, gave my name to a super friendly dude named Seth and within minutes I had all of my groceries in my trunk ready to roll. Seth gave me my printed invoice and I was outta there! I LOVE that they have a pick up location at my work and one near Jer’s too. Looks like they have a ton around Richmond – here’s the full list.


So here’s the proof that they had everything I needed! I just realized this spread gets more unhealthy from left to right, but hey… I live with and am likely growing a caveman, so give a sister a break.


I also have to give a special shout out to few items that I would have never gotten had I not ordered through Relay:

Pizza Tonight – A DIY pizza kit that comes with fresh dough, seasoning and pizza sauce. Jer and I had a blast making this, even attempting to throw the dough above our heads to shape it, randomly singing one verse of maybe the only Italian song(?) we know “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s…” Of all the dumb stuff we do, this is one of those moments I was forbidden to record Smile

Local Basil – Beautiful, leafy, and 10x better then what you’ll find at the grocery store

Organic strawberries – Unless I go to Whole Foods I have trouble finding these at Kroger or Food Lion and these top my dirty dozen list, that I try my hardest to stick to. I encourage you to check out that link and see how much pesticides are on non-organic fruits & veggies these days. If you’re not going to eat the skin, do whatev’s but if you eat it and don’t supa dupa scrub it, then go organic. That’s my rule of thumb, anywho.

So all in all, I’m in love with this service. Thank you Relay Foods for not only providing a stellar shopping experience but for making my life tons easier!



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    1. Thanks girl! It was kind of hard to get use to but I save so much money and hardly waste anything when I do it right! I’m working on a post about it now :)

  1. WOW! so in love with this concept — so wish they had something in the Spartanburg SC area. If you know of anything or hear of how to find other local chapters that do this/offer this. please let us know! Love your blog, btw!

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