Dylan’s Nautical Nursery

The nursery is finally finished!!! After months of working on it and collecting inspiration (from Pinterest of course!) it’s open and ready for baby business. After finishing the board and batten project, I really didn’t think I could love this little room any more, but oh was I wrong. It’s officially my favorite room in the house and for the past couple weeks that comfy lookin’ glider has been home to all my morning coffee drinking and even a little blogging. However, I’m of course most excited for it’s main purpose – rockin’ that sweet little baby boy we’ve got cookin’ Smile

Nautical Nursery, Board and Batten, Oars

So when furniture shopping online I had a total “AH HA” moment that I just have to share with all you future mamas. So I started my hunt at simplybabyfurniture.com because I really liked their brands and the quality of the furniture – the free shipping and returns also had me hooked. That was until I started using Google Shopping and found the exact same furniture for about a $100 cheaper at stores like Walmart. And when I say “exact same furniture” I truly mean it. You just have to practice your “google-fu” a little and get creative with your search terms. I learned that some Brands even market the furniture slightly different on certain sites, using parent company names instead of the actual product name. Clever, huh? I’m all about quality furniture but if you can save a Benjamin here and there… why not girl!

Nautical Nursery   Nautical Nursery

  • Oars: I’m uber excited about my oars! Are you guessing Pottery Barn Kids? Well, I actually snagged these puppies for less than $10 bucks each from Walmart and yes from the boating/sporting dept. It’s simply amazing what a little white Krylon primer and high gloss spay paint can do!

Convertible Crib: Status Milcroft (I found for a little cheaper on Amazon.com, but it’s also sold at simplybabyfurniture.com)

Bedding: “Row Your Boat” from Pottery Barn Kids

Glider: I was really proud of this find! I fell in love with this glider at Toys R Us but found it significantly cheaper on walmart.com. Thank you Google Shopping. I heart you big time.

Table: A Delaware antique store find!

Letters: Hobby Lobby

Nautical Nursery

Dresser/Changer: Status Milcroft (I found for a little cheaper on Amazon.com, but it’s also sold at simplybabyfurniture.com

Bookshelf: Canwood from walmart.com (I literally almost paid double for the exact same bookcase somewhere else! Crazytown!)

Artwork: Etsy, of course!

Nautical Nursery   081


I also snagged some snazzy closet organizers from walmart.com as well!


So… whatcha think? Is Dylan going to totally dig it or what? Yeah… he’s probably just going to sleep in it but at least it will be super soothing and peaceful. If that’s truly the case… mission accomplished.

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  1. I’m working on a very similar nursery for my son. I love how yours turned out. I am trying to find blackout curtains in navy that I like. I purchased the pottery barn curtains but they are so expensive and would love to find another option. Where did you find your curtains?

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I got the curtains for less than $30 at Target, but they aren’t blackout, so we’re planning to add blinds soon. They do cover pretty well – but we get a ton of sun in his room. I loved the pottery barn panels too!!!

  2. I love that, you did an amazing job! If you don’t mind me asking, what color and brand is the blue paint you used? It is the perfect blue and exactly what I was wanting to do in my own home.

  3. Love your blog and congrats on baby Dylan! I am basically copying your nursery for our little guy arriving in January 2013! I am wondering how you hung the oars? I bought the exact same ones and my husband is afraid they will fall on the baby if they are over the crib.. which, of course, is where I want them! Any advice?

  4. Thanks so much for your posts on your fabulous blog! I am truly inspired by everything! Makes me want to get organized and start decorating.

    I really love the glider you found, but can’t seem to find it on Walmart’s website. Do you know what the model/brand is?

    Congrats on your little one! :)

  5. is the bookcase closer to cherry or espresso? in the first pic, it looks darker but then in the 2nd pic, it looks like it may be closer to cherry colored wood and im trying to match my espresso furniture, thank you!

  6. where are the ccurtains from? i ordered some navy but they came in the mail and they’re awful so i need to keep looking!

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