Gift Wrapping Station

Did anyone happen to catch this article in BHG last year? Well I did and have been dreaming about creating my very own wrapping station since. All of my wrapping paper supplies used to be shoved into the corner of the guest room closet and every time I wanted to wrap a present, I had to fight through the clutter. What’s worse is in order to dodge the mess, I often just went to Target and bought new paper, bags, tags, etc. Can you say super duper wasteful? I can and I was.

So after seeing this article again on Pinterest, I felt inspired to create my very own wrapping station! After all, I LOVE giving and wrapping gifts, so why not dedicate a little space to them.

The secret for this station is definitely the over the door rack, which is actually a Panty Door Rack. You can find it at for $35!

Here’s my take on this super smart space saving idea:

image   013

Usually I like to tweak ideas I find online or in magazines to make them my own a little, but I loved everything that about this idea, so I copied it to a T:

  • – Top two shelves are dedicated to ribbon and I also added a jar to hold gift tags. The ribbon is lined up so it’s super easy to unwind and snip.
  • – Third shelf houses easy to access tape and scissors. I also really liked the idea of draping tissue paper over the ledge to ensure it doesn’t get ruined while tucked away in bags.
  • – Finally the fourth shelf houses everyday wrapping baby and gift bags. To secure the bags, I took a tip from the BHG article and wrapped a strong rubber band around the rack. I also added a little section at the bottom for upcoming birthday cards.

What tips do you have for organizing gift wrap? I’m all ears!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much Sarah! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’m still adjusting to being a working mama and wanna-be blogger. I LOVE your gift wrapping station, it looks so good!!!

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