Crushing on Board & Batten

You know that yucky feeling you get when you see the pair of shoes that you just bought on sale for 30% off? Well I get that same feeling after I complete a project and then find a better idea on Pinterest the next day. So before even starting step 1 of a project, I spend about a week collecting inspiration from Pinterest and my fellow bloggers.

Recently, I’ve been seriously crushing on some Board & Batten. I think it brings such a fresh and clean look to a room and is such a great way to add some character and definition to the space. Unlike wainscoting, Board & Batten doesn’t feel super formal to me, making it perfect for a little boy’s nursery.

Here are some of my favorite nursery’s with Board & Batten. Since I’ve been freakin’ jonesing to paint the nursery, Jer and I are starting this project on Sunday! Come back next week and check out our progress.






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  1. My grandson is going to have the cutest baby boy nursery. I can’t wait to see it. Don’t over do though.

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