Best Christmas Present… Ever!

Throughout my 26 years I’ve definitely had some greeeat Christmas presents… I mean Santa has really hooked me up through the years. So to say that this year, I received my most favorite Christmas present of all time is definitely a big claim… but it’s so true. For a week before Christmas there was a Barbie doll shaped box beautifully wrapped under the tree. I shook it, weighed it and sniffed it, but besides realizing that it wasn’t a Barbie, I had absolutely no idea what it was. As you can tell from my previous posts about the gender prediction tests, I’m not a patient person… at all. I thought about ripping the paper a little to take a peek, but didn’t want to disappoint Jer on Christmas morning. I LOVE giving gifts and so does he, so for him to miss a genuine surprise face, is just not fair. So I waited and waited…

Although it did cross my mind a few times, I thought these were too expensive so imagine my surprise when I unwrapped this gift to find a Fetal Doppler that allows me to listen to our baby’s heartbeat anytime I want to! Something about that little “swoosh, swoosh, swoosh” just puts all my fears at ease and is so peaceful.


imageSo of course as soon as I unwrapped it I had a ton of questions for Jer:

Where did you get it? Jer got the Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler from

How much did it cost? $52.95

Did it have a good reviews? Yes! So clearly Jer rocks, but he’s now seriously competing for daddy-to-be of the year. He reads pregnancy blogs and forums, like and found some great reviews for this Doppler.

What if we can’t hear it? Not hearing the heartbeat has to be every couple’s fear… but it’s important to remember the home models are not the same as your Doctors. Also, this specific Doppler says that you need to be at least 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat. Since we heard our baby’s heartbeat the second our Dr. used his device, Jer felt confident we would hear it with this device – and boy did we hear it. As soon as we lubed it up and put it on my (don’t worry folks – we’re not going there) belly, we heard that beautiful “swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.”

So since Christmas, we’ve listened to Baby D’s heartbeat every day! Here’s Baby D and the Doppler in action. You’ll notice the heartbeat number is all over the place because I was moving the device around.


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    1. This thing was truly amazing! I loved listening to his little heart beat everyday. I stopped using it at about 20 weeks because I had constant reminders (aka painful kicks) that he was doing just fine :)

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