Week 13: It’s a…?

So I’ll admit it…I’m officially the least patient person in the entire world. A few weeks ago my OB told me that I’d have to wait until 20 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. My response? “Umm…. sorry doc that’s just not gonna cut it.” So instead of relying purely on wives tales like peeing in baking soda and dangling a needle over my palm (both of which I did, of course!), I wanted to get a little more scientific with my research… thus why I decided to try both the IntelliGender and Gendermaker tests. Jer suggested I call Miss Cleo up instead but I couldn’t seem to find her number…? I know, I know… I sound like a total spaz but I really just did these for fun. I’m not painting a room or getting my hopes up about a boy or a girl because honestly, I have zero preference on the gender. I hope God blesses us with both a boy and a girl eventually, so whichever He decides to give us first, works perfectly for us!

The Tests…

So I followed the IntelliGender test to a T, using my first morning urine and filling/mixing the test cup perfectly. This test, although a little more expensive, just felt more legit. It came with clear instructions and nice instruments for testing. With the Gendermaker test, I followed the instructions almost perfectly. It says to use your first morning urine, but being prego it’s hard to hold it in when you gotta go at 1 AM. So I used my second one when I woke up.

IntelliGender from CVS                             Gendermaker from Amazon.com

Intelligender test      VS   gendermaker gender test 

The Results…

With the IntelliGender test, if your urine mixes with the hormones in the test and turns a greyish green it means Boy. If it turns a goldish red, it means Girl. So as you can see below, my test result indicated Boy.

intelligender results

With the Gendermaker test, Blue-Grey = Boy while Pink-Purple = Girl. As you can see my test result was a deep greyish purple which I think means Girl.

Gendermaker purple girl test result

So all in all these were a blast to take, but I’m just as clueless as I was when I started this experiment. I have a good feeling about the success rates of our next text… a 4D ultrasound in January! Smile

*1/25 Update: It’s a boy!!! IntelliGender was right. Also, after I got the first purple result from GenderMaker, I emailed the company and they sent me another test for free. The result? Girl again. So two Gendermaker tests were wrong. I would trust IntelliGener ladies – but just make sure you follow the instructions to a T.

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