Week 7: The first picture

At 6 weeks, 6 days we saw this sweet-angel-peanut-dinosaur on the monitor. The ultrasound tech warned us that this was still pretty early and we may not see a heartbeat, but as soon as we started the ultrasound, we saw a little light flickering and realized that was our baby’s heart beating… at 140 beats per minute. Jer and I immediately looked at each other in a way that just said “Atta-boy!” and I thought that’s you + me, man. That’s all of your smarts, kindness and humor combined with my compassion, creativity and love. That’s a product of us…


So as excited as I was to have this very first picture of our baby, I just had to share it! But since we decided not to tell everyone until around 12 weeks, we took a few more traditional means of spreading the goods news.

So for starters, I framed this beautiful little picture and look at it every night.


I also made copies of the picture and sent them with a sweet little note to the grandparents. They all seemed to really LOVE this! Copies on their fridge prove it.


Then I used one of the copies to make a Christmas tree ornament. I found this cute little frame at Hobby Lobby. I mean how cool is it going to be to look back at this and say “that was your very first picture kiddo”… umm very. May have also made a few of these for Christmas presents… Michael’s has GREAT ornament frames too!


Last but not least, we used our Christmas card as our announcement and featured our latest picture.  This is by far my most favorite card we’ve ever sent. I think it’s going to surprise a lot of our friends! Smile

What creative things have you done with your first ultrasound pic?

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