Week 4: Positively Prego!

Have you ever had your life change in the blink of an eye? I have twice. The first time was the saddest moment of my life thus far and the second was the absolute happiest. Don’t worry or leave yet… this is the happy story. So as I sat on the toilet with an EPT in my hand, I could see JD’s eyes through the cracked bathroom door and then heard the saddest voice say, “is it negative?”

I had this super elaborate plan for how I was going to tell him but I figured I’d live in the moment, so I flung open the door and said “NO, it’s POSITIVE! We’re having a BABY!” Jer ripped the test out of my hand and immediately began reading the instructions and test success rates. Such a dude thing… huh? We then hugged each other, jumped up and down and took another test. Partially to double check and partially to relive such an amazing life moment. And all it took was a little pee and an EPT… ok, ok, we both know it took a little more than that to get us here but since we all know how that works, I’ll be vague.

Luckily, the next day was my annual appointment with my gynecologist so we didn’t have to wait long to triple confirm the results. Since I had already taken two tests, I felt pretty certain this was the real deal and was hoping my doc would just look up in there see a tiny little foot or something and say yep, you’re knocked up. Unfortunately, at this stage it was more like counting blood levels than toes but I was just as excited with the results…positively prego, with a due date of July 4th.

Ekkkkk… this is really happening. So what now? I have this little alien, lima bean, human growing inside me and I don’t really feel different, aside from being totally, utterly and completely exhausted. I guess I have to stop eating/drinking everything I love. Yeah, I’m being dramatic… and after my recent 8 days in Italy, this sister could use a little time out from the vino and cappuccinos. And I guess I’ll have to start getting fat… the idea of not counting calories sounds glorious, but knowing me, I’m going to be a freak about eating healthy the entire time.

So now I guess we wait for this little firecracker to grow some more. Here’s where we’re starting out:

No, that’s not a bump already. My doc nicely told me it was probably just bite size snickers bars. Thanks Captain obvious – it was like just Halloween… give a sister a break. And no clue about the other image from babycenter.com. Looks like a neon cheeseburger to me :)

IMG_2101                image

As a disclaimer, I promise to still blog about DIY projects and not to become one of those super annoying moms. I just thought this would be an awesome opportunity to capture the next 8 months of my life, including the good, the bad with the fatty and sad. I say sad, because I already feel like an emotional roller coaster. Honestly, I recently cried at that Folgers coffee commercial I see every year… you know the one where she puts the bow on her brother and says “you’re my present this year”. Got me good…



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