Bonus Room Reno – Week 1

We’ve been putting it off for two years. We’ve talked about it, sketched it out and planned its purpose. But until last week, have never actually started any work on it. I’d like to introduce you to our “Bonus Room”. It’s main purpose in life is two-fold – 1. House all the crap we’re too lazy to walk up to the attic AND 2. Help our exercise equipment collect as much dust as possible. Seems like a pretty crappy use of a big room, right? Ummm… yeah.

Although neither of us have admitted it, I think this unfinished room had something to do with why JD and I fell in love with this house. See our first house in Christiansburg came with a completely unfinished basement that we (and several of our handy friends) finished on our own. It already had a bathroom and a small laundry closet, but we added – A tiled entry way and closet, a bedroom, a family/bonus/workout room and a huge walk-in storage closet. Needless to say, we walked away from that house with a little jingle in our pockets and boy did that feel good. I definitely don’t think we’ll make as much off this reno, but we will add an entire bedroom and be able to sell this bad boy as a 4 bedroom-er… holla!

So although this room has been our red-headed step child for many many months, we’re ready to make this sucker shine. And since JD seems to know how to do every repair job in the book, we’re doing the entire project ourselves! Ok… we’re debating contracting the mud work, but who wouldn’t right…? It flat out sucks.

Here’s our first guess at what we need for this reno:

– 12 2X4 boards to frame in the walk-in closet
– 12 pieces of 1/2″ dry wall for the ceiling
– ~16 pieces of 1/2″ dry wall for the walls
– TBD on amount of insulation (for the walls and ceiling)
– TBD on amount of trim
– 1 box of drywall screws
– 5 gallon bucket of joint compound (aka spackle) and drywall tape
– 1 closet door

Here’s our plan of attack:
Since the electrical work is already done, we’re jumping right in.

1.  We started by framing the closet. Without a closet, the room will not officially be considered a bedroom, so this is a must for re-sell!
2.  Next, we’ll drywall the ceiling, add insulation, and say a million cuss words. We loath hanging ceiling drywall.
3.  We’ll then hang the drywall on the walls.
4.  Spackle & Sanding. uhhhhhhhhhh.
5.  I <3 painting. Thinking a greyish blue or green. shocking, right?
6.  Trim work is fairly easy, but caulking is not. The only other time I used this stuff, a ton ended up in my hair…?
7.  Build window seat and custom desk/bookshelves. This is my hot search topic on Pinterest right now. Look for a new board soon!
8.  Lay padding/carpet, which we’ll likely hire some help for.
9.  Decorate. Decorate. Decorate :)

So as you can see from #7 above, right now I’m thinking this room is going to be an Office/Craftroom/Playroom (yes for our unborn children… sista’s gotta plan, right?). I’m most excited about the window seat and can totally see myself sitting there reading a book or looking for squirrel’s with Bo… we’re easily entertained.

So this weekend we’ve finished #1 and 90% of #2…

Walk-in closet framed –

This my friend is a very helpful little tip and essential for hanging ceiling drywall. Build a lift out of 2X4’s and have one person hold the drywall up to the ceiling while the other puts the lift in place. Insert drywall screws and TADA! In the picture below, we’re just testing the lift out before we cut the drywall to align with the ceiling joists.

Hanging ceiling drywall

Next weekend we’re hoping to tackle insulation and start the walls. Week 1 down… many to go :)

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