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My name is Jamie and I’m a iPadoholic. I’m 100% addicted and have no plans to quit. Ok Ok, I’m being a little dramatic, it’s not like it’s crack but I honestly can’t imagine life without it. It’s my go-to tool for almost everything, especially when I need a little inspiration for cooking, sewing, designing and of course blogging. I can also get my angry bird on like it’s nobody’s business.

As my memory (on the iPad and the one in my head) is quickly filling up, I wanted to take a few minutes to share why I’m so in love with this genius invention and a couple apps that as of recently are striking my fancy.

1. Popbooth. Do you remember those photobooths at the mall that produce the most amazing candid pictures ever? You pile in the booth with your bf or bff’s and have a blast making silly, completely ridiculous faces. I’ve also seen some really cute versions recently, like these from Young House Love. Personally, I always seem to act like a complete fool as soon as I step into the booth.

I love this iPad app because it’s honestly like having a photobooth in your pocket. Ok… only in your pocket if you’re wearing those horrible jnco shorts from the early 90’s, but good news – this bad boy is also available for the iPhone!

The app is also super simple to use. Simply download the app and snap 4 funny pictures. (Funny is my requirement, not Popbooth’s!) Next, share your photos via Facebook or email. Popbooth also gives you the option to order high-quality prints by mail. Photos are printed on glossy card stock and only cost $2.99. That may be slightly higher than those machines at the mall but check out the neato filters you can apply. I’m loving “Colorz” and “Vintage”.

I’m thinking the vintage strip below might just find a home above our sofa…

Popbooth picture


2. Epicurious
What’s cookin’ good lookin’? This app is almost always in the kitchen with me, especially if I’m cooking something new. I love the fact that you can search by food item. Say you have a lonely eggplant hanging around, about to spoil in your fridge. Simply search “Eggplant” and multiple yummy recipes will suddenly appear. I know, it’s kind of magic! There are also ratings & reviews, which every girl knows after buying your first pair of pumps online, how valuable these are. I love how little forks represent ratings!


3. BHG Magazine
A comfy chair, a cup of coffee and Better Homes & Garden on my iPad, is how I like to spend most Saturday mornings. I see more and more mags going digital and I totally dig it. Making PDF’s of print pages doesn’t allow for a friendly UX and I love that BHG knows that. I also love how visual the digital edition is. They often have rooms that you can paint by simply tapping a paint color or products you can learn more about by just touching the screen. It allows you to interact with content in a whole new way and (as of now) is almost ad free.

Every month features beautiful designs, great DIY tips and the most delicious recipes! BHG often makes itself into the Kitchen with me as well. Thanks BHG, I heart you :)

Meredith Corp knows what’s up, as the Fitness Magazine app is also fabulous.

Digital Edition of BHG.com


4. Houzz
If you need room design inspiration then this app is a must-have. The app features hundreds of designs, categorized by room and even allows you to store the images in your own Ideabook. Say you need a local professional (Architect, Interior Desinger, General Contractor, etc.) for an upcoming job, simply tap on the Professionals tab, click on your city, and several recommendations appear!

The app also features dozens of great DIY ideas and amazing before and afters (And who doesn’t love those?)

Since I’m planning to revamp the laundry room soon, I’m on the hunt for inspiration and am totally loving Houzz.

What apps are you loving?

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