This little light of mine

I first saw it sitting on a picnic table on the side of the road in Delaware. I didn’t bother to stop as it was several blocks from where we were headed but I thought about it several times that day. On the way home that night, I fully anticipated that this yard sale was packed up and sold out, but what did I see when we slowly cruised by… the lonely lamp with a “free to a good home” sign propped up beside it. Well I had no intention of leaving this little shiner out in the cold, oh no, I had big plans for it the minute I laid my DIY eyes on it. I’ve started looking at décor and furniture more for their shape than current color or appearance because it’s just so flippin’ easy and fun to change!Lamp Kit

Step 1: Remove and save all hardware. The electrical cord to this lamp looked so old that I didn’t even bother plugging it in to see if it still worked (I was honestly scared that it might burn my house down!) Next, I removed all hardware and put it in a plastic bag in case my lamp kit didn’t have the necessary parts.

Step 2: Bath time. Although the previous owner’s home was beautiful, this lamp was probably living in a dusty attic or scary basement. I simply filled up my sink with soap and water and gave the lamp a good scrub down.

Step 3: Prime & Paint. Easy peasy lemon squeezy is all I have to say about that.


Step 4: Assemble the lamp kit. I bought this handy-dandy lamp kit from Lowes for $10 and it was a cinch to assemble. I started by feeding the original screw through the bottom of the lamp base (see, I told you it was important to save your parts!) I then attached the top screw and fed the new electrical cord through it.

Next was the electric socket and although it looks a little intimidating, all I had to do was hook the two electrical ends around the screws and tighten the screws with a screw driver.

The last step is adding a light bulb and lamp shade and of course asking someone for a Clark Griswold drum roll. (Any Christmas Vacation fans in the house?) :)

  • Lamp: $0 from yard sale
  • Lamp Kit: $10 from Lowes
  • Lamp Shade: $20 from Lowes

Total: $30

Note: Dear Lowes, Please start selling silver lamp kits. Gold fixtures are so 10 years ago. Thanks. Love, Jamie.

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